Interdisciplinary Studies

General Studies

Degree Overview

The General Studies in the College of Arts and Letters at The University of Toledo is an interdisciplinary program that allows you to select an area of concentration and related course work not offered in traditional majors. Existing majors may not satisfy the needs of all students who want a liberal education. It provides you with far greater flexibility in the arrangement of your undergraduate program of study.

Is the General Studies Degree right for Me?

If you are planning to attend grad school or your career plans include employment with specific degree requirements, you may want to consider other majors within the College rather than the General Studies option. Most graduate or professional degree programs, as well as some jobs, may require specific degrees. That said, the General Studies program is an excellent personalized degree program that can fit many career paths. If you think the General Studies program is the right fit for you, you should declare this major before you have completed 90 hours. Before admission to this program, you will be interviewed by the General Studies advisor in the College Student Services Office and you must present sound reasons for your choice. Once accepted into the program, you must have your program plan approved by the General Studies advisor.

Degree Requirements

Under this program, the University General Education and College of Arts and Letters Skills curriculum requirements specified in the Degree Requirements section of this catalog must be fulfilled, and an area of concentration in the natural sciences, social sciences or humanities must be identified for the purpose of determining education requirements. Students must take at least 64 hours of courses at the 2000 level or higher and at least 32 hours of courses at the 3000/4000 level and have earned a minimum of 120 hours to be eligible for graduation. In lieu of a major, students must take at least 15 but not more than 34 hours of course work in a single department to serve as the core area and 16-35 hours of course work to serve as the cognate for a total of 50 hours. Students must meet a minimum G.P.A. average of 2.0 in a G.P.A. calculation of the core area as well as a secondary G.P.A. calculation of the core area and the cognate.

To get started, contact your advisor. View the sample plan of study at the link below.

General Studies - Plan of Study

Last Updated: 8/4/22