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Latin American and Latinx Studies Minor

Graphic with multiple photos of Latinx art, culture and politics including historic figures artist Frida Kahlo, activist Cesar Chavez and supreme court justice Sonia SotomayorExplore the many facets of Latin American people, language, culture, politics, history and more with a minor in Latin American and Latinx Studies. This minor is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program in which you will take courses in the humanities (English, History, and Spanish) and the social sciences (Anthropology, Political Science, and Sociology) that focus on Latin America and Latinx communities in the United States. All students take an introductory 3 credit course called LALX 2000* and then you can select 15 credits (12 credits at the 3000-4000 level) from a diverse array of classes according to your interests. You may also take independent study hours with individual instructors.

There is a minimum G.P.A. requirement of 2.0.

*LALX 2000: Introduction to Latin American and Latinx Studies satisfies Core Humanities + US Diversity (3 credit hours). Examines the history and cultural experience of Latin Americans and people of Latin American descent living in the United States.

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Choose 15 Hours of Electives at the 2-4000 Level from this List

  • 3.0 ANTH 4980, Problems in Anthropology: Fieldwork in the Dominican Republic
  • 3.0 ENGL 2770, Ethnic American Literature, subheading Latinx Writers
  • 3.0 ENGL 3660, Latinx Literature in the US
  • 3.0 GEPL 3300, Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • 3.0 HIST 3200, Colonial Latin America
  • 3.0 HIST 3210, Modern Latin America
  • 3.0 HIST 4470, Mexico People and Politics
  • 3.0 HIST 3230, Early Caribbean History
  • 3.0 HIST 3240, Modern Caribbean History
  • 3.0 HIST 4450, The United States and Latin America
  • 3.0 PSC 3280, Race and American Politics
  • 3.0 PSC 4680, Politics of Latin America
  • 3.0 REL 3980, Latin American Religious Practices
  • 3.0 SOC 2640, Race, Class, and Gender
  • 3.0 SOC 4980, Special Topics in Sociology: Fieldwork in the Dominican Republic**
  • 3.0 SOC 3890, Ecotourism: Studies of the African World
  • 3.0 SOC 4650, Sociology of Latin America and Caribbean
  • 3.0 SPAN 2140, Intermediate I
  • 3.0 SPAN 2150, Intermediate II
  • 3.0 SPAN 3020, Conversation and Composition II
  • 3.0 SPAN 3270, Survey of Latin American Literature I
  • 3.0 SPAN 4170, Latin American Novel II
  • 3.0 SPAN 4250, Latin American Short Story
  • 3.0 SPAN 4260, Latin American Poetry I
  • 3.0 SPAN 3420, Latin American Civilization
  • 3.0 WGST 3010, Global Issues in Women’s Studies, subheading Latinx experience

**An optional elective course that is an immersive experience that includes travel to the north coast of the Dominican Republic for 15 days to learn about local history and culture.

Course List Availability for AY 2021-2022 

All of the courses above will be offered at some point, but not necessarily every academic year. Your advisor will have more information about when a course of interest may be offered. Here are the courses you can take for this minor in the 2021-2022 academic year.

Summer 2021

  • HIST 4470 - People and Politics in Mexico (Latin America and Latinx enhanced) (Beatty-Medina)

Fall 2021

  • ENGL 2770 - Ethnic American Literature: Latinx Writers (Bonifacio)
  • HIST 4450 - U.S. and Latin America (Beatty-Medina)
  • SPAN 2140/2150 – Intermediate Spanish I, II
  • SPAN 3270 – Survey of Latin American Literature I (In English) (Montes)

Spring 2022

  • ENGL 3660 – The Latinx Nineteenth Century (Bonifacio)
  • HIST 3210 – Modern Latin America (Beatty-Medina)
  • LALX 2000 – Introduction to Latin American and Latinx Studies (Beatty-Medina)
  • SPAN 2140/2150 – Intermediate Spanish I, II
  • SPAN 3280 – Survey of Latin American Literature II (In Spanish) (Montes)
  • SPAN 3420 – Latin American Civilization (In Spanish) (Montes)
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