Law and Social Thought

The Gateway Course

LST 2010: Law and Social Thought

LST 2010, Law and Social Thought, is designed to provoke interdisciplinary thought and dialogue concerning the function and force of law in society. We read texts from philosophy, literature, psychology, sociology, anthropology and opinions of the court in order to examine the complex production of the law, subjects of law, and the many ways in which we govern ourselves. Students are encouraged to examine the consequences of disciplinary, political, and social boundaries that structure many approaches to the law, and to ask questions that challenge these boundaries. Not only will students learn about the law in society, but the course will also help to develop the critical capacities in thought, reading, research, and writing that are the foundation of success in a liberal arts education.

The course is the “gateway” course for any student interested in pursuing a major or minor in Law and Social Thought. Students planning to concentrate in Women's and Gender Studies or in Disability Studies are also required to take the gateway course and are encouraged to tailor the requirements of the course to their areas of interest.

Enrollment is not limited to students interested in LST. Students interested in the law, in social issues, in philosophy or in diverse intellectual approaches to the law are encouraged to take the course.
The LST Gateway Course is taught in the fall and spring semesters. Students who are in their first year at UT are encouraged to take the fall offering in conjunction with the LST/Pre-Law "FYI" (ARS 1000). Students with at least one year of college-level coursework are encouraged to take the spring offering of LST 2010.

Last Updated: 6/27/22