Department of Music

How to Record and Submit a Video Audition

Fall 2023 applicants planning a virtual audition, or auditioning for a Music Participation Scholarship as a Non-Music Major, must upload audition videos. Audio-only is not accepted. 

Here are directions for how to record and submit your video audition. For guidance on what music to prepare, visit the audition requirements webpage.


  • Find a quiet room without extraneous noise, with good lighting and plenty of space
  • Use the highest quality recording device you can - a home video camera, or your cell phone or tablet

When Recording:

  • Be sure you are centered in the shot, so that we can see your face, hands, instrument.  We want to see you and your technique.
  • State your name and graduating high school, city, and state.
  • State the titles and composers of the pieces you are performing.
  • Record your performance. Feel free to record multiple takes to get your best performances.
  • You may upload separate videos for each part of your audition, or use video editing software to combine your videos into one complete audition video.

When uploading:

  • Title each video with your name and the name of the work you are playing.
  • Upload on YouTube as an "Unlisted" file so the video can be viewed, but will not be publicly searchable on the internet (only people with a link can view). 
  • Submit your audition to UTMusic by sending an email to The email should contain (1)the links to your unlisted YouTube video and (2)your current contact information.

In addition to the video, you must submit the online Audition Registration form.  Video should be received at least one week prior to your scheduled online interview.

Last Updated: 10/28/22