Department of Music

Auditioning for Fall 2024 or Spring 2025

Degree Program Acceptance / Music Scholarship Consideration

Auditions for Fall 2024 entry and scholarship consideration are open to potential students in both virtual and/or in-person formats for all areas of study.  Applicants for program acceptance and/or music scholarship who plan to audition virtually must (1) submit a Video-Recorded Audition, along with (2) the Online Audition Registration.  Those who choose to audition in-person must (1)complete the Online Audition Registration and (2)prepare your audition material for live audition on your chosen date.

As part of the virtual audition process, students intending to major or minor in music will discuss their recorded auditions in a live, online meeting with the faculty of their area of study. Students not auditioning to major/minor in music, but wanting to audition for scholarship consideration as an ensemble participant, need only submit the video audition and online registration form.  Those auditioning in-person will have to opportunity to talk with faculty during the live audition.

Dates for Fall 2024 Entrance And Scholarship

  • February 24, 2024 - Virtual Auditions Only
  • March 2 and March 23, 2024 – Virtual and Live Auditions
  • March 18, 2024 – Department begins notifying applicants of admittance and scholarship awards
  • Auditions after March 18, 2024 are scheduled as needed.

    For any students wanting to audition for Spring 2025 entrance, we will accept and evaluate audition videos or schedule in-person auditions for both program acceptance and scholarship consideration at any time between now and December 6, 2024.  Those planning to audition should complete the audition registration form and video submission process (virtual auditions), and contact our auditions coordinator - Dr. Jason Stumbo ( - to confirm your audition is in process and being reviewed or scheduled.

Important Links

See below for specific instructions for potential Undergraduate Music Majors/Minors, Undergraduate Non-Majors (Scholarship Only), and Graduate Students.

Undergraduate Music Majors/Minors
An audition is required for acceptance into any Department of Music degree program. But don't worry! The audition process helps us place you on the right path for success. It helps determine ensemble placement, allows you to opt of required courses when your skill level has surpassed them, and may make you eligible for certain scholarships.

Auditions can be either virtual or in-person.  If auditioning virtually, potential students must submit a video-recorded audition.  You will also participate in a live, real-time interaction with the faculty in your area of study, where you and the faculty will meet, discuss your goals, and review your submitted audition video. Every applicant may also interview with a member of UToledo’s Music administration.

Steps to follow in the virtual audition process:

  1. Complete the online audition registration form.  This form provides us with important information about you and your goals, as well as allowing you to indicate your preferred virtual audition date.
  2. Record and submit your video audition (click here for recording/submission directions) at least one week prior to your scheduled audition date.  Our faculty will review your submission with you at your virtual audition, providing feedback and asking you follow-up questions.  For guidance on what music to prepare and submit, visit our Audition Requirements page.

Questions? Contact our auditions coordinator - Dr. Jason Stumbo - at

Undergraduate Non-Majors (Auditions for Scholarship Only)
The University of Toledo Department of Music awards thousands of dollars each year to talented students who audition to participate in our ensembles as non-majors.  Several music scholarship students in our Orchestra, Choirs, Bands and Jazz Ensembles are majoring in engineering, chemistry, english, pharmacy, and a number of other disciplines at the university.  

Steps to follow in the virtual non-major audition process:

  1. Complete the online audition registration form.  Under "Preferred Audition Date", select "For Non-Major Music Scholarship Only".
  2. Record and submit your video audition (click here for recording/submission directions).  For guidance on what music to prepare and submit, visit our Audition Requirements page.

Review of applicants for non-major scholarships will begin in late February with notification of scholarship awards beginning in March.  Questions? Contact our auditions coordinator - Dr. Jason Stumbo - at

Graduate Students
An audition and interview are required for acceptance into any Department of Music graduate degree program.  All graduate -level auditions/interviews for 2024 can be virtual or in-person, and will be arranged through our Graduate Student Advisor - Dr. David Jex.

Initial steps to begin your graduate studies application process:
  1. Contact Dr. David Jex ( with your intent to apply and your area of concentration/interest.
  2. Through Dr. Jex, you will begin your graduate application process, which will include the creation/submission of an audition video and scheduling of an interview with the applicable UToledo Music faculty.
Additional resources for potential Graduate Students:
Last Updated: 4/29/24