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Audition Requirements

Include the following On your audition Video. 

Two pieces of contrasting style, one from the baroque or classical eras and one from the romantic or 20th century. (Memorization is preferred but not required.)

Two or more pieces in contrasting styles (art songs or contest pieces preferred). We recommend one selection in English. Both songs should be memorized. For on-campus auditions, an accompanist is provided, but you may bring your own. Be sure to bring clean, legible copies of your music. Those who elect to upload a video audition with their application may also use accompaniment tracks.  

At least two major or minor scales of your choice, and two pieces/etudes/movements (one fast, one slow) comparable to those found on the OMEA solo and ensemble contest list. (see below)

At least two major or minor scales of your choice, and two pieces/etudes/movements (one fast, one slow) comparable to those found on the OMEA solo and ensemble contest list. (see below)

At least two major or minor scales of your choice (with arpeggios - hands alone), and two pieces from different periods.

PERCUSSION: Below is required for classical percussion auditions.  Any questions or requests, contact Dr. Olman Piedra, Associate Professor of Percussion, at

1. Soft Buzz Roll - 20 seconds
2. Loud Buzz Roll - 20 seconds
3.  5-Stroke Roll - play 20 where quarter note = 80 bpm
4. Double Paradiddle - play 20 where dotted quarter note = 80 bpm  
5. Flam Accent - play 20 where dotted quarter note = 80 bpm
6. Solo: "Drum Corps on Parade" by John S. Pratt (or equivalent)

Solo: "Yellow After the Rain" by Mitchell Peters (or equivalent) 

STRING: At least two major or minors scales of your choice, an etude, and one of the following:
1- A movement of a solo sonata
2- A movement of a concerto
3- A short piece
4- A movement of a sonata with piano

Keyboard, wind, and bass players
1. Two major or minor scales of your choice in addition to chromatic scale
2. Perform a blues tune and a jazz standard
3. Improvise a few choruses

1. Play a tune in any style that you enjoy and demonstrates your abilities
2. Blues in Bb
3. Scales - C Minor Pentatonic, C Major Pentatonic, C Major and Minor Blues Scales, and the C major scale in as many fingerings as you know
4. Chords - C Major, C Minor and C Diminished triads, and then C Major 7, C minor 7 and C Minor 7b5  7th chords in as many fingerings as you know

1. Rudiments - same as listed for classical percussion above (soft/loud buzz roll, 5-stroke roll, double paradiddle, and flam accents)
2. Demonstrate the following styles, 20 seconds of each:
     jazz waltz, jazz shuffle, bossa nova, mambo, funk/pop/rock
3. Play along to this blues video/audio

OMEA Repertoire

Visit the OMEA web site Under the menu, select "Adjudicated Events" and then select "Music List Download." If you are not familiar with the OMEA contest repertoire or need further assistance in determining if your solo is appropriate, contact The University of Toledo Department of Music, phone: 419.530.2448.

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Last Updated: 1/18/23