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Percussion Ensemble & Past Repertoire

The University of Toledo Percussion Ensemble is very active and is one of many quality chamber music offerings in the UT Department of Music. The ensemble is directed by Dr. Olman E. Piedra and rehearses MWF from 1-1:50pm. The ensemble usually gives two concerts annually.

The ensemble is open to all percussion majors as well as selected non-majors, with the instructor’s approval. The percussion ensemble strives to expose students to the widest variety of repertoire and performance environments--from the historic, seminal works for percussion ensemble to contemporary jazz/world music arrangements--in both conducted and chamber music settings. This "total percussion experience" helps form the foundation for a diverse and broad-based percussion vocabulary--one that is necessary in today’s 21st century music scene as either a jazz or symphonic player.

When programming repertoire, every effort is made to coordinate each student’s ensemble experience with his or her private lesson experience in an attempt to align specific individual performance opportunities in percussion ensemble with specific percussive goals each semester, thus reinforcing these musical concepts at a much deeper level. 

Past Repertoire


Ghanaia - Matthias Schmitt
The Offering - Michael Burritt
Baião for Marimba (2007) - Joan Griffith
Caméléon - Eric Sammut
Etude no.1 - Paul Smadbeck
Yellow after the rain - Mitchell Peters
Miniature no.2 - Matthias Schmitt
Marimba Quartet - Daniel Levitan
Eléggua, Ogún, Ochosi - Traditional drum salutes from Oru seco
Out Of Frame for marimba trio (2012) - James Romig
Trio per Uno (1995/1999) - Nebojša Jovan Živković
Prelude no.3 - Michael Burritt

2013- 2014
Bicksa - Thom Hasenpflug
Jovial Jasper - George Hamilton Green /Arr. Piedra
Memories of the Seashore - Keiko Abe
Classically Snared - Alexander Lepak
Cross Corners - George Hamilton Green /Arr. Piedra
Omphalo Centric Lecture - Nigel Westlake
Clapping Music (1972) - Steve Reich
Nagoya Marimbas (1994) - Steve Reich
Music for Pieces of Wood (1973) - Steve Reich
Gyro (2005) - Tomer Yariv

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