Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Toledo

University of Toledo Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club is a student-run organization that meets on a regular basis to discuss a variety of philosophical issues.  The Philosophy Club is open to all members of the UT community.  Some of the things discussed may include the existence of God, the extent of genuine free will in the universe, the limits of human knowledge, and the ethics of capital punishment.  The frequency of the meetings, the format of the meetings, and the topics discussed all vary, depending on the interests of the active members of the Club.  Sometimes meetings will be nothing more than informal discussions on a topic that was previously agreed upon.  Other times, the discussion will focus on a particular author or philosophically significant work.  Frequently the members will meet to watch a film with philosophical themes and then spend some time after the viewing discussing the issues addressed by the film.  

The Philosophy Club also serves as the sponsor of two other organizations at UT.  Once every year the Philosophy Club and Department of Philosophy publish an edition of the undergraduate journal Journal of Philosophy at the University of Toledo.  Any student at UT may submit something for possible publication in J-PUT.  Some of the works accepted in the past include essays, poems, short stories, and works of graphic art.  The UT Philosophy Club is your avenue for publishing something in Slash as well as getting involved personally in the editing of the journal.  The other student organization directly linked with the Philosophy Club is the UT chapter of Phi Sigma Tau, an international philosophy honor society.  Membership into the honor society allows for potential publication in the society's international philosophical journal.  Membership in Phi Sigma Tau is not limited to philosophy majors, or even undergraduate students.  Anyone having successfully completed two philosophy courses and a minimum 3.0 GPA is eligible.

If participation, or leadership opportunities in the Philosophy Club and/or its related organizations interests you, we encourage you to please attend a meeting.  If you are interested and cannot attend, please email us so that we can contact you next time there is a meeting.  Remember, the Philosophy Club is student-run, so you can decide what direction it takes and what issues it explores.  If you have any questions regarding the Club please contact the faculty advisor, Dr. Nina Atanasova.

Last Updated: 6/27/22