Philosophy and Religious Studies Program

Graduate Program

Dr. Benjamin Grazzini, Graduate Program Advisor


UH 4740B

The University of Toledo welcomes graduate students from across the country and the world and with a variety of interests to work in our Master's program in philosophy. Some students come to us with extensive experience in philosophy and others do not. In every case, we work individually with each student in developing both a broad awareness of many philosophical traditions and, in the student’s second year, a thesis that explores in detail an area of interest in philosophy. Almost all full-time students in the program are given a Teaching Assistantship (funded at competitive levels) and a full tuition fellowship. Moreover, many students are invited to teach their own courses in their third or fourth semesters. This is a rare opportunity that can be of enormous value should you decide to continue in a Ph.D. program (which many of our students do).

The department boasts an outstanding faculty. Each member is an accomplished researcher and teacher, and together we represent a variety of philosophical tradition. Students have written theses in ethics, philosophy of science, phenomenology, Nietzsche, Bataille, American philosophy, Eastern philosophy, disability, and on many other topics. Our faculty emphasizes foundations in the history of philosophy, and we typically teach from a perspective that is historically informed.

If you wish to apply for the fall semester, you should send application materials to the graduate school no later than the second week of February. Our final decisions with respect to assistantship awards are typically made in mid-March.


If you intend to apply for a teaching assistantship (which also includes a tuition fellowship), you should include with your application:

  •  A writing sample (a paper on a philosophical topic or that adequately represents your abilities in philosophy, usually of 8-15 pages in length)
  • GRE scores (these are highly recommended)

The number of available assistantships is extremely limited.

Degree Requirements

Thesis Option

  • Completion of 27 hours of graduate courses offered by the department of philosophy, excluding readings and research courses
  • Pass a qualifying or prospectus examination in the area of the student’s thesis
  • A written thesis for 6 semester hours of credit
  • An oral examination covering the field of the thesis and general competency in the subject areas of relevant to the thesis

Non-Thesis Option (Exam Option)

  • Completion of 33 hours of graduate courses offered by the department of philosophy, excluding readings and research courses.
  • Completion of an examination in one sub-field or area of competency in contemporary philosophy chosen by the student in consultation with the faculty

For Both Options

  • Completion of Philosophy 3000 or 6000 (or its equivalent or satisfied as an undergraduate)
  • Completion of PHIL 3210 and 3230 (or equivalents satisfied as an undergraduate) 
  • Completion of at least 42 hours of graduate and undergraduate credit in philosophy
  • Students must also satisfy the requirements of the College of Graduate Studies as specified in the graduate student handbook.
Last Updated: 7/7/23