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The UToledo College of Arts and Letters is home to degrees in the arts, humanities and social sciences at The University of Toledo. See all of our degrees - graduate, undergraduate and 100% online degrees - all in one place.


Degree Options

UToledo's College of Arts and Letters offers an amazing depth and variety of degree programs. In addition to 35+ undergraduate majors in which you can earn a bachelor's degree, you can expand the value of your degree by adding a minor. Choose from among 45+ minors! A minor will allow you to follow your passions while acquiring interdisciplinary skills and expertise that help you stand out in the job market. Or choose a path that positions you for opportunities in our competitive graduate programs.

Below is a comprehensive list of our degree programs and the levels at which they are offered.

High Demand Majors


  • Communication


    It pays to know how to communicate — whether you're giving a presentation, promoting a cause or an organization or connecting with the community.

  • English


    Designed to produce skilled and sophisticated readers and writers, the University of Toledo English major gives students sound academic preparation while providing flexible professional options.

  • Visual Arts

    Visual Arts

    The University of Toledo’s Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree program is perfect for students who want a broad liberal arts education combined with solid art skills in a variety of media.

  • Psychology


    Psychology involves the study of the brain and behavior and how they influence one another — in humans and other animals.

  • Sociology


    The University of Toledo’s sociology program will equip you to better understand human relationships. This understanding is critical as our world evolves and grows more diverse.

  • Anthropology


    Anthropology majors study people around the world — people from different times and places. They learn how our thoughts and beliefs are shaped by the cultural communities in which we are raised.

  • Law and Social Thought

    Law and Social Thought

    The University of Toledo’s bachelor’s degree program in law and social thought (LST) is the only program of its kind at a state university in Ohio.

  • Film and Video

    Film and Video

    Develop skills in all areas of motion picture production from shooting, producing and editing to final delivery.

  • Music


    The UToledo Department of Music provides a comprehensive education in classical and jazz music traditions and offers a variety of musical opportunities and experiences.

  • Art


    Conceptualize and create. Experiment and collaborate. The University of Toledo is the only B.F.A. program in the region that requires faculty reviews every semester.


  • Psychology


    The Department of Psychology accepts applications for the Doctor of Philosophy degree with a concentration in either Clinical Psychology or Experimental Psychology.

  • Spatially Integrated Social Science

    Spatially Integrated Social Science

    This program designed around the application of geographic information science, spatial statistics, spatial econometrics and spatial analysis to study the spatial dimension of human and social dynamics.

  • History


    The Graduate Program in History at The University of Toledo is committed, first and foremost, to the values and priorities of liberal arts education.

Searching for a Deeper Dive into your degree program area?

Visit the website of the department that is home to your degree! Below are contacts and links to each department within the College of Arts and Letters. Check out your department's homepage to meet your faculty, see what other students in your program are working on and find out about student organizations and opportunities for internships, etc. Plus, learn what alumni of your program did with their degrees after graduation.

College of Arts and Letters Dean's office - 419.530.4616

Click the link for the Dean's office staff page.

Chairs and Program Directors

Africana Studies (AFST)

Director: Professor Angela Siner

Africana Studies Webpage

Art/Art History (ART, ARTH, AED)

Chair: Professor Barbara Miner (on sabbatical fall 2021)

Acting Chair: Dr. Deborah Orloff


Asian Studies (ASST)

Director: Dr. An Chung Cheng

Asian Studies Degrees

Communication (COMM)

Chair: Dr. Ben Myers

Communication Dept. Website

Disability Studies (DST)

Acting Chair: Dr. Ally Day

Disability Studies Website

Economics (ECON)

Chair: Dr. Kristen Keith

Assoc. Chair: Professor David Black

Economics Dept. Website

English (ENGL) 

Chair: Andrew Mattison

English Dept. Website

Film and Video (FILM)
Geography and Planning (GEPL, SISS)

Chair: Dr. Patrick Lawrence

Geography and Planning Website

Global Studies (GLST)

Director: Dr. Jetsabe Caceres

Global Studies Degrees

History (HIST)

Chair: Dr. Ami Pflugrad-Jackisch

History Dept. Website

Law and Social Thought (LST)

Director: Dr. Renee Heberle
or Skype: Renee Heberle

Director: Dr. Jerry Van Hoy

Law and Social Thought Website

Master of Liberal Studies (MLS)

Director: Dr. Jerry Van Hoy

MLS Degree Program

Media Communication (COMM)

Chair: Dr. Ben Myers

Communication Dept. Website

Middle East Studies (MEST)

Director: Dr. Gaby Semaan   
419.530.2546  or

Dr. Linda Rouillard

Middle East Studies Degrees

Music (MUS, MED, COCA)

Chair: Dr. Lee Heritage

Music Dept. Website

Philosophy and Religious Studies (PHIL, REL)
Political Science and Public Administration (PSC)
Psychology (PSY)

Acting Chair: Dr. Peter Mezo

Psychology Dept. Website

Sociology and Anthropology (SOC, ANTH)
Theatre (THR)

Chair: Holly Monsos

Theatre and Film Dept. Website

Women's and Gender Studies (WGST)
World Languages and Cultures (FLAN, FREN, GERM, SPAN)

Director: Dr. Linda Rouillard

World Languages and Cultures Website

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