Political Science and Public Administration


If seeing your dentist twice a year is good for your smile, then seeing your department adviser twice a year is even better for your future.  Here are a few specifics for you to consider before you stop by to see us in the next few weeks.

Anyone can “get you registered,” but what we do in our department is career advising – not only keeping you on the road to timely graduation, but helping you select the sorts of classes that will help you to reach your career in politics, government and administration, or the non-profit community.  In order to do this however, we need to get to know you – your skills, interests and even your limitations.

Political Science undergraduates

Dr. Jetsabe Caceres (Last name begins A-M)
SM 3002, 419.530.2265

Dr. Sam Nelson (Last name begins N-Z)
SM 3005, 419.530.4974


Dr. Sam Nelson
SM 3005, 419.530.4974

Global Studies

Dr. Jetsabe Caceres
SM 3002, 419.530.2265

Undergraduate Honors in Political Science

Dr. Renee Heberle
SM 3006, 419.530.4061

Last Updated: 7/6/23