Political Science and Public Administration

Master of Arts in Political Science

(Please note: this program is not currently accepting new applications.)

The MA in political science offers specialization in one of several fields of the discipline which prepares the graduate to begin employment or continue study for a PhD. The fields are American Government, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory and Public Law. Those seeking training in public administration should apply for an MPA.

Graduate study carries a different emphasis from undergraduate training. Undergraduate education in the liberal arts should give a breadth of exposure to the arts and to the natural and social sciences, as well as a depth that comes from specialization within a single discipline. Similarly within a discipline, undergraduates usually are encouraged to take a sampling of courses from as many fields, subfields, and individual professors as possible. While graduate education reinforces understanding of a discipline like political science, it also calls for specialization within one of the five sub-fields listed above. 


Last Updated: 6/23/21