Department of Psychology

Stephen D. Christman

Picture of Stephen D. ChristmanPhD, University of California Berkeley, 1988

Office: UH 5018C
Phone: (419) 530-4684
Fax: (419) 530-8479

Mailing Address:
Department of Psychology
University of Toledo
2801 West Bancroft St.
Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390

Dr. Christman will be accepting students for the Fall of 2023.

Dr. Christman's CV can be viewed here.

 Research Interests

  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Episodic memory
  • Handedness
  • Hemispheric asymmetry
  • Visual perception

Selected Publications

Prichard, E.C., & Christman, S.D. (2017). Inconsistent-handed advantage in episodic memory extends to paragraph-level materials. Memory, 25, 1063-1071.

Christman, S.D., & Prichard, E.C. (2016). Half oaks, half willows: Degree, not direction, of handedness underlies both stable prevalence in the human population and species-beneficial variations in cognitive flexibility. Evolutionary Psychological Science, 2, 228-236.

Sahu, A., Christman, S.D., & Propper, R. E. (2016). The contributions of handedness and working memory to episodic memory: A path analytic study. Memory & Cognition, 44, 1149-1156.

Christman, S.D., & Jasper, J.D. (2014). “All-or-none” versus “most-or-some” options in risky choice: Effects of domain and handedness. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 27, 378-385.

Christman, S.D. (2014). Individual differences in personality as a function of degree of handedness: Consistent-handers are less sensation seeking, more authoritarian, and more sensitive to disgust. Laterality, 17, 354-367.

Christman, S.D. (2013). Handedness and 'earedness': Strong right-handers are less likely to prefer obscure musical genres. Psychology of Music, 41, 89-96.

Prichard, E., & Christman, S. (2012). The neuroscience of changing minds. Skeptic, 17, 50-51.

Christman, S.D., & Butler, M. (2011). Mixed-handedness advantages in episodic memory obtained under conditions of intentional learning extend to incidental learning. Brain and Cognition, 77, 17-22.

Christman, S. (2010). Eclectic lefty-hand: Jimi Hendrix, handedness, and Electric Ladyland. Laterality, 15, 253-269.

Christman, S.D., Sontam, V., & Jasper, J.D. (2009). Individual differences in ambiguous figure perception: Degree of handedness and interhemispheric interaction. Perception, 38, 1183-1198.

Christman, S.D., Henning, B., Geers, A.L., Propper, R.E., & Niebauer, C.L. (2008). Mixed-handed persons are more easily persuaded and are more gullible: Interhemispheric interaction and belief updating. Laterality, 13, 403-426.

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