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Andrew Geers

Picture of Andrew GeersPhD, Ohio University, 2001

Office: UH 6516
Phone: 419-530-8530
Fax: (419) 530-8479

Mailing Address:
Department of Psychology
University of Toledo
2801 West Bancroft St.
Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390

Dr. Geers will be accepting students for the Fall of 2023.

Dr. Geers' CV can be viewed here.

Research Interests 

  • expectations and persuasion
  • psychology of drug side effects
  • formation of affect and emotion
  • placebo effects
  • initiation and maintenance of health beliefs and behavior
  • decision making

Please visit the Integrating Social Psychology and Health in Research lab webpage for more information.

Selected Publications 

Geers, A. L., Clemens, K. S., Faasse, K., Colagiuri, B., Webster, R., Vase, L., Siege, M., Jason, E., & Colloca, L. (in press). Psychosocial factors predict COVID-19 vaccine reactogenicity. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics.

Talavera Garza L., Seligman L. D., Geers A. L., Murray A. B., Ibarra M., & Hovey J. D., (in press). Development of a measure of fearful implicit associations with dental stimuli in youth. Child Psychiatry and Human Development.

Mao, A., Barnes, K., Sharpe, L., Geers, A. L., Helfer, S. G., Faasse, K., & Colagiuri, B. (2021). Using positive attribute framing to attenuate nocebo side effects: A cybersickness study. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 55, 769–778.

Geers, A. L., Faasse, K., Guevarra, D., Clemens, K. S., Helfer, S. G., & Colagiuri, B. (2021). Affect and emotions in placebo and nocebo effects: What do we know so far? Social and Personality Psychology Compass 15, e12575.

Clemens, K., Tull, M. T., Murray, A., Boardley, D., Tipton, J., & Geers, A. L. (2020). Examination of the relationship between affect, values, and physical activity among cancer survivors. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 18, 68-74. 

Barnes, K., Faasse, K., Geers, A. L., Helfer, S. G., Sharpe, L., Colloca, L., & Colagiuri, B. (2019).Can positive framing reduce nocebo side-effects?: Current evidence and recommendations for future research. Frontiers in Pharmacology, 10, e167. 

Faasse, K., Huynh, A., Pearson, S., Geers, A.L., Helfer, S.G., & Colagiuri, B. (2019). The influence of side effect information framing on nocebo effects. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 53, 621-629. 

Geers, A. L., Briñol, P., & Petty, R. E. (2019). An analysis of the basic processes of formation and change of placebo expectations. Review of General Psychology, 23, 211-229. 

Geers, A. L., Close, S. R., Caplandies, F., Pertiwi, Y., Murray, A., Vogel, C., Handley, I.M., & Vase, L. A. (2019). Testing a positive affect induction to reduce verbally-induced nocebo hyperalgesia in an experimental pain paradigm. Pain, 160, 2290-2297. 

Geers, A. L., Fowler, S. L., Helfer, S. G., & Murray, A. B. (2019). Test of psychological and electrodermal changes immediately following the delivery of three analgesic treatment messages. Pain Reports, e693. 

Tang, B., Geers, A. L., Barnes, K., & Colagiuri, B. (2019). Instrumental control enhances placebo analgesia. Journal of Pain, 20, 1486-1497. 

Caplandies, F., Brown, J. A., Murray, A., & Geers, A. L. (2018). Choice and enjoyment of exercise: A test of three moderating variables. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 38, 47-55.

Geers, A. L., Briñol, P., Vogel, E. A., Aspiras, O., Caplandies, F. C., & Petty, R. E. (2018). The application of persuasion theory to placebo effects. International Review of Neurobiology138, 113-136.

Geers, A. L., Vanwasshenova, E., Murray, A. B., Mahas, R., Fahlman, M. M., & Boardley, D. (2017). Affective associations as predictors of health behavior in urban minority youth. Health Psychology, 36, 996-1005.

Brown, J. A., Oikawa, M., Rose, J. P., Haught, H., & Geers, A. L. (2015). Choosing across cultures: The effect of choice complexity on treatment outcomes. Journal of Behavioral Decision-Making, 28, 515-528.

Helfer, S. G., Elhai, J., & Geers, A. L. (2015). Affect and exercise: Positive affective expectations can increase post-exercise mood and exercise intentions. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 49, 269-279.

Geers, A. L. & Miller, F. G. (2014). Understanding and translating knowledge about placebo effects: The contribution of psychology. Current Opinion in Psychiatry, 27, 326-331.

Rose, J. P., Geers, A. L., Fowler, S. L., & Rasinski, H. M. (2014). Choice-making, expectations, and treatment positivity: How and when choosing shapes aversive experiences. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 27, 1-10.

Geers, A. L., Rose, J. P., Fowler, S. L., Rasinski, H., Brown, J. A., & Helfer, S. G. (2013). Why does choice enhance treatment effectiveness: Using placebo treatments to demonstrate the role of personal control. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 105, 549-566.

Neff, L. A. & Geers, A. L. (2013). Optimistic expectations in marriage: A resource or vulnerability for adaptive relationship functioning? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 105, 38-60.

Current External Grants

"Living down to expectations: Generic medicines and the nocebo effect"
Principle Investigator: Kate Faasse PhD
Co-Investigator: Andrew L. Geers, PhD
Agency: Australian Research Council
Type: Discovery Project
Period: 2022 – 2025
Total cost: $328,444.

"A one-session treatment for dental phobia in youth in an underserved population"
Principal Investigator: Laura Seligman, PhD
Consultant: Andrew L. Geers PhD
Agency: National Institutes of Health (National Institute for Dental Craniofacial Research)
Type: UG3
Period: 2022 – 2029
Total costs: $4,278,952.

"Identifying the mechanisms of latent inhibition to prevent dental fear"
Principal Investigators: Andrew L. Geers PhD and Laura D. Seligman PhD
Agency: National Institutes of Health (National Institute for Dental Craniofacial Research)
Type: R01
Period: August 2021 – August 2024  
Total costs: $1,285,871

"Understanding the psychological processes that inhibit the nocebo effect”
Principal Investigators: Ben Colagiuri PhD
Co-Investigator: Andrew L. Geers PhD
Agency: Australian Research Council
Type: Discovery Project
Period: January 2020 – January 2023
Total costs: $358,110

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