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Quick Contacts List

Unable to reach a faculty member or department within the UToledo College of Arts and Letters? Due to the work-remotely policy instituted by The University of Toledo due to the Coronavirus, some may be hard to reach. So we have created a quick contacts list of department chairs and program directors who are standing by to help. This page provides a quick list of their names, emails and phones. Still can't find what you're looking for? Search the UToledo Campus E-Directory!

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Chairs and Program Directors

Africana Studies (AFST)

Director: Professor Angela Siner

Art/Art History (ART, ARTH, AED)

Chair: Professor Barbara Miner

419.530.8315  |

Asian Studies (ASST)

Director: Dr. An Chung Cheng

Communication (COMM)

Chair: Dr. Ben Myers

419.530.2172  |

Disability Studies (DST)

Chair: Dr. Kim Nielsen

419.530.7254  |

Economics (ECON)

Chair: Dr. Kevin Egan   419.530.4148
Assoc. Chair: Professor David Black

Film and Video (FILM)

Chair: Dr. Edmund Lingan

419.530.2855  |

English (ENGL) 

Chair: Dr. Sara Lundquist

419.530.2506  |

Geography and Planning (GEPL, SISS)

Chair: Dr. Patrick Lawrence

419.530.4128  |

Global Studies (GLST)

Director: Dr. Jetsabe Caceres

419.530.2265  |

History (HIST)

Chair: Dr. Rob Padilla

419.530.4538  |

Law and Social Thought (LST)

Director: Dr. Renee Heberle  734.645.5819 or Skype: Renee Heberle

Director: Dr. Jerry Van Hoy  419.530.2807

Master of Liberal Studies (MLS)
Director: Dr. Jerry Van Hoy  419.530.2807


Media Communication (COMM)
Chair: Dr. Ben Myers  419.530.2172
Middle Eastern Studies (MEST)
Director: Dr. Gaby Semaan  or
Dr. Linda Rouillard 419.530.2029


Music (MUS, MED, COCA)
Chair: Dr.  Lee Heritage 419.530.5062


Philosophy and Religious Studies (PHIL, REL)
Chair: Dr. John Sarnecki  419.530.6185


Political Science and Public Administration (PSC)
Chair: Dr. Sam Nelson  419.530.4974


Psychology (PSY)
Chair: Dr. Kim Gratz  419.530.2722


Sociology and Anthropology (SOC, ANTH)
Chair: Dr. Dwight Haase  419.530.5574


Theatre (THR)
Chair: Dr. Edmund Lingan  419.530.2855


Women's and Gender Studies (WGST)
Chair: Dr. Sharon Barnes  419.530.2233


World Languages and Cultures (FLAN, FREN, GERM, SPAN)
Director: Dr. Linda Rouillard  419.530.2029


Last Updated: 3/18/20