Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Archaeology Field School: Summer 2021
May 17th - June 25th

Field Methods in Archaeology - ANTH 4510
Field Methods IN Archaeology - ANTH 4510 (6 credits)

Summer Session 1: May 17 - June 25, 2021

Course Description

Archaeology is a hands-on discipline. A core element of the study of the past is the ability to recover data from the archaeological record. This course focuses on those methods that are necessary for data recovery and documentation. These methods are varied and range from techniques of archaeological survey, excavation using shovel or trowel, and mapping using various technology (compass and tape, GPS, Total Station), to writing complete and concise field notes, techniques of field photography, and maintaining records of materials recovered from field to lab. Field excavations will be  contextualized through a series of directed readings and field trips to local and regional archaeological sites and museums.

2016 field excavation

Photo Above: U Toledo students map an excavation unit at a Late Woodland period (ca. 500-700 CE) site in the Toledo Area.

 The following anthropological outcomes will be met by this course:

 Field Survey

Photo Above: U Toledo students conduct a field survey in 2018 to identify the boundary of a site near the Maumee River.


  1. Students will understand the purposes and processes of archaeological survey; they will demonstrate the ability to identify artifacts and soil changes in order to delimit and record site boundaries.
  2. Students will understand the purposes of and techniques required for scientific archaeological investigation; they will demonstrate the ability to excavate in controlled excavation units, identify and recover artifacts, and identify features through variations in soil color and texture.
  3. Students will understand the requirements for careful controlled documentation of archaeological excavation; they will demonstrate the ability to record data through excavation notes, hand drawn maps, photography, and the use of mapping technology.
Registration is currently open to University of Toledo Undergraduates. (6.0 Credit hours).

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