Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Present and Upcoming Sociology Courses

Spring 2020
Introduction to Sociology – SOC 1010 (U) (Lecture/Online)

Sociological topics regarding social behavior, institutional dynamics and social change are examined, and the principles and basic concepts used by sociologists are taught.

Social Problems - SOC 1020 (U) (Online)

Introduces students to the sociological perspective through the analysis of various social problems including inequality, population, environment, workplace and deviant behavior.

Proseminar in Sociology I - SOC 2000 (U)

Students are introduced to the academic and professional nature of Sociology. Topics covered include professional socialization, honor theses, portfolio construction, preparation for graduate studies, and career development.

Race, Class, & Gender - Soc 2640 (U)

Introduction to the study of race, class and gender as factors in American stratification.

African American Culture - SOC 2900 (U)

A survey of the sociohistorical and cultural factors related to the African American experience in the United States.

Social Statistics - SOC 3290/5290 (U) (G)

Study of major statistical procedures and techniques in sociology.

Social Inequality - Soc 3640 (U)

This course examines the bases, varieties and consequences of systems of inequality, including the development of and changes in inequality patterns in the US and other societies.

Ecotourism: Studies of the Africana World - SOC 3890 (U) (ONLINE)

Introduce students to the field of ecotourism studies and specific challenges of community development and sustainability. The course covers ecotoursim in the Africana world of Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Proseminar in Sociology II - SOC 4000 (U)

Discussion among faculty and students devoted to the study of Sociology with a special focus on the development of a professional portfolio for graduate work or career.

Medical Sociology - SOC 4180/5180 (U) (G)

An analysis of the sociocultural factors in health and illness, and in medical and paramedical services, and in the field of health practice as a social institution.

Qualitative Approaches in Social Science Research - SOC 4530/5530 (U) (G)

This course examines qualitative methods used in social science research. Focusing on ethnographic and qualitative methods, the course provides students the skills necessary to design and conduct qualitative research studies.

Disability & Impairment - SOC 4980/5980-003 (U) (G)


Sociology of Popular Culture - SOC 4980/55980-901 (U) (G) (Online)


Advanced Social Theory and Political Economy - SOC 6050 (G)

This course will analyze and evaluate major social theories drawn from various 19th and 20th century intellectual and ideological traditions. The common subject focus of course readings is state, power and class relations.

Advanced Social Research Methods - SOC 6270 (G)

Examination of advanced methods of data collection in sociological research.

Advanced Social Research Statistics - SOC 6290 (G)

Examination of advanced methods of data analysis in sociological research.

Seminar in Diversity and Inequality - SOC 6640 (G)

This course examines theories and research on diversity and inequality. Possible topics include social class, race, gender, sexual orientation and disability, plus evaluating the interconnections between these areas.

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