Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology Faculty

Sociology Faculty

Barbara CoventryPatricia Case
Ph.D., Wayne State University
Professor of Sociology, Director of Urban Studies Program

Areas of Interest: Social Psychology, Medical Sociology, Sociology of Deviance
Office: UH 3160
Phone: 419.530.5506

D. HaaseDwight Haase

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Department Chair, Associate Professor of Sociology, Sociology Undergraduate Advisor

Areas of Interest: Globalization, Economic Sociology, Quantitative Methods
Office: UH 2540
Phone: 419.530.5574 

Monita MungoMonita Mungo
Ph.D., Wayne State University 
Associate Professor of Sociology

Areas of Interest: Education, Teaching and Learning, Racial Inequality, Labor

Office: UH 2640E
Phone: 419.530.4075

Karie PeraltaKarie Peralta
Ph.D., University of Miami
Associate Professor of Sociology, Graduate Advisor

Areas of Interest: Community and Urban Sociology, Sociology of Education, Applied Sociology, Community-based Research, and Dominican Studies. [More information...]

Office: UH 2630A
Phone: 419.530.4659

Jerry VanHoyJerry Van Hoy
Ph.D., Northwestern University
Associate Professor of Sociology; Co-Director, Program in Law & Social Thought; Director, Master of Liberal Studies Program

Areas of Interest: Sociology of Law, Crime, Deviance, Social Theory, Qualitative Methods

Master of Liberal Studies Program - Home
UT Law & Social Thought - Home

Office: UH 2100
Phone: 419.530.7257

Barb ChesneyBarbara Chesney - Emeritus
Ph. D., University of Michigan
Associate Professor of Sociology

Areas of Interest: Medical Sociology, Social Psychology, Health, Deviance


Barbara Coventry - EmeritusBarbara Coventry
Ph. D., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Professor of Sociology

Areas of Interest: Sociology of Sport, Gender, Race, Quantitative Methods


E. NigemElias Nigem - Emeritus
Ph. D., Utah State University
Associate Professor of Sociology, Associate Director of Middle East Studies Institute

Areas of Interest: Demography, Human Ecology, Quantitative Methods, Middle East Population

Phone: 419.530.4662

Anthropology Faculty

Shana ArpsShahna Arps
Ph. D., The Ohio State University
Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Areas of Interest: Cultural Anthropology, Biocultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Human Ecology and Adaptability.

Office: UH 2680D
Phone: 419.530.4667

Melissa BaltusMelissa Baltus
Ph. D., University of Illinois
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Archeologist

Areas of Interest: North American Archaeology, Urbanization and Early Cities, Revitalization Movements, Pottery Analysis.

Office: UH 2680G
Phone: 419.530.4953

Seamus MetressSeamus Metress
Ph.D., Indiana University
Professor of Anthropology

Areas of Interest: Race and Ethnicity, Medical Anthropology, Conflict in Northern Ireland

Office: UH 2580
Phone: 419.530.4652

SinerAngela M. Siner
M.A., History, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Ph.D. Candidate, University of Toledo
Director of Africana Studies Program

Africana Studies - Home

Areas of Interest: African American Culture, Women's Studies

Office: UH 2370G
Phone: 419.530.4660

Thomas ZychThomas Zych
M.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Associate Lecturer of Anthropology, Archaeologist, Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor

Areas of Interest: Archaeology of the Great Lakes/Midwest, Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Analysis, 3-D Geometric Morphometrics, Ceramic Analysis, Cultural Resource Management. [More information...]

Office: UH 2680C
Phone: 419.530.4395

Administrative Staff

Regina Stambaugh
Secretary 2
Office: 4140-G University Hall
Phone: 419.530.5156




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