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The Master of Arts in Sociology offers an early admission / bridge program for undergraduate students at The University of Toledo.  This opportunity allows UToledo students to obtain a significant head start on their graduate degree in the Master of Arts in Sociology.  Undergraduate students accepted in the 4+1 BA to MA in Sociology program option will be allowed to complete up to three graduate level classes (nine hours) during their final academic year of undergraduate studies. They will then continue in the 4+1 B.A. to M.A. in Sociology program upon completion of the undergraduate degree requirements. The graduate coursework (up to nine hours) will be applied to completion of only the Master of Arts in Sociology degree requirements.

Eligibility requirements

UT undergraduate students must have a 1) a minimum of 3.2 cumulative undergraduate grade point average that will include undergraduate credits earned at other institutions and transferred to UT, 2) undergraduate advisor's approval, and 3) permission of the chair of each department in which graduate credit is desired. 

Application Process

Students holding a junior standing should apply by March 31 of that year.  Application to this early admission/bridge program must contain 1) a letter of interest, 2) a completed graduate admission application, and 3) at least 3 letter(s) of recommendation from faculty members.

4+1 B.A. to M.A. Courses

 Only the following courses may be included in the approved nine semester hours of graduate credit taken as an undergraduate:

 6040 Advanced Sociological Theory
6050 Advanced Sociological Theory and Political Economy
6270 Advanced Social Research Methods
6290 Advanced Social Research Statistics

Please see the Master of Arts page for further details about the Master's program.

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For more information, please contact:

Dr. Karie Peralta, Graduate Program Director
419.530.4659 or 419.530.2791(main office)

Last Updated: 7/31/22