Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology & Anthropology
Field School - 2017:
Dominican Republic

Course Description

This international, cross-cultural experiential learning course immersed students into fieldwork in the Dominican Republic to understand cultural and social aspects of local realities and develop skills in ethnographic and participatory methods.  While learning about contemporary issues in the Dominican Republic using sociological and anthropological perspectives, students gained conceptual and practical tools to conduct international research.  Through collaboration with Project Esperanza, a community organization, we explored the roles that researchers, nongovernmental organizations, and communities can play in designing and carrying out research.


Fieldwork Image

Photo above: Student, Melissa Tehan, guiding an art activity.


Fieldwork Image

Photo above: Instructor, Dr. Arps, with students, Meg Perry, Melissa Tehan, and Madeline Bengela, leading a craft.