Ph.D. Program in Spatially Integrated Social Science


Prospective students can apply to the program through the College of Graduate Studies at:

The following materials must be submitted for application to the program:

  • Graduate School application form
  • Graduate Record Examination scores
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose (two pages with guidelines)
  • TOEFL score for international students

When completing the graduate application for admission on the UT College of Graduate Studies Main Campus Applications webpage, students seeking admission to the Doctor of Philosophy in Spatially Integrated Social Science, please choose the following:

College = Arts and Sciences; Department = Geography & Planning; Major = SISS (Spatially Integrated Social Science); Degree = Doctor of Philosophy

Please include in your statement of purpose your desire to pursue the SISS PhD program.

In addition to graduate college requirements applicants will be expected to hold a master's degree in a social science discipline, and to have completed graduate level courses in GIS and multivariate statistical analysis.

Funding Opportunities are available for students admitted into the program in the form of both teaching and research assistantships along with waiver of tuition.

Inquiries for further information can be directed to:

Kevin Czajkowski

Professor, Ph.D Program Coordinator

Voice: 419.530.4274 (Desk)   
Voice: 419.530.2545 (Department)   
Fax:    419.530.7919  

Department of Geography & Planning 
University of Toledo
2801 West Bancroft Street
Toledo, Ohio  43606

Last Updated: 6/27/22