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Photo of Dr. Jason Stumbo Director of the UT School of Visual and Performing Arts

From the Director

As the Director of the UT School of Visual and Performing Arts, I welcome your interest in the ARTS at UT!  The University of Toledo School of Visual and Performing Arts (SVPA) houses the Departments of Art, Music, and Theatre and Film. We offer several undergraduate and graduate degrees in various aspects of arts performance and education.  Both faculty and students across the School are engaged and practicing artists, scholars and performers with national and international reputations.

We are located on two campuses: Main Campus – Center for Performing Arts, where you will find the Departments of Music and of Theatre & Film; and the Museum Campus – Center for Visual Arts, which houses the Department of Art. 

The Department of Art is physically adjacent to the internationally recognized Toledo Museum of Art. Museum exhibitions and programming are right next-door and are a value-added bonus for our Art students.  The campus includes two state of the art buildings which house studio and lecture classrooms, digital labs, photo labs, a newly created large format print center, 3D printers, a laser lab, a complete wood shop and a foundry. 

The Department of Theatre and Film is housed in the Center for Performing Arts on our Main Campus.  The Department offers undergraduate programs in both live theatrical production and film, focusing on an interaction with emerging technologies, and engagement with work from the experimental to the mainstream.

The Department of Music shares the Center for Performing Arts with Theatre & Film, which allows for regular collaborations between the two departments.  UT Music students experience a comprehensive program, led by nationally recognized musicians and scholars, with a multitude of performance opportunities in jazz, opera, orchestra, choir, bands, and much more.

All three departments benefit from our location. The metro Toledo area is a culturally vibrant and growing community, which provides easily accessible opportunities to our faculty and students.  We share rewarding partnerships with the Toledo Museum of Art, The Toledo Symphony Orchestra, The Arts Commission, and the Glacity Theatre Collective.  The proximity and constant availability of live, professional arts events provide our students with a wealth of unique experiences and opportunities.

Throughout the year, the UT School of Visual and Performing Arts is staging exhibitions, lecture series, theatrical productions, film series, and concert performances.  A listing of all SVPA events can be found on our calendar.  You can also follow us on social media.  Whenever you are looking for Arts in Toledo, look for the UT School of Visual and Performing Arts.

See you at the show.

Jason Stumbo, PhD
Director – UT School of Visual and Performing Arts

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The UT School of Visual and Performing Arts - Spring 2019

Students and faculty at the University of Toledo perform, create, write and research about the arts. The SVPA is an ACTIVE place where students, faculty, and staff express themselves and engage with others. We are proud to be a safe place where openness of thought and being are honored and respected. Please join us for an exhibition, musical or theatrical performance, or catch one of our Film Fridays screenings. Follow the latest happenings and events on the Arts & Culture web page.

SVPA Event Highlights

FEB. 1 | Rowan Renee "No Honor No Heart"

  • Genderqueer artist Rowan Renee will give a talk about their work now on display in the UT Center for the Visual Arts Main Gallery. The work explores reclaimed self images and the question of owning rights to your own image. A reception to follow. 

FEB. 1-10 | Play "The Pillowman"

  • The UT Department of Theatre and Film will present its production of Irish playwright Martin McDonagh's unsettling play exploring dark themes of crime and child abuse. Winner of several Tony Awards and nominated for Best Play.


  • Pianist Sara Davis Buechner, a transgendered artist, shares her experience of navigating the world of classical music performance while undergoing a gender transformation. 


  • A concert in honor of the late jazz pianist, Tad Weed, who served on the UT Department of Music Faculty. Music Department faculty, students and alumni will perform. 
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