Department of Art

Art Minors: Studio Art and Art History

Minor in Studio Art

The minor in studio art provides a general introduction to the use of tools and materials and an understanding of traditional and experimental media for the production of fine art. The minor in studio art is further designed to enrich the student’s life by increasing her/his awareness of the world by developing skills of visual perception and communication. Students electing to minor in studio art must complete 21 hours of course work, including nine hours of Foundational Art Studies (see below), which provide the basic technical and theoretical skills essential for a fundamental understanding of the discipline as well as a rigorous preparation for the advanced/upper division courses.

Foundational Art Studies (choose 3 of 4 courses) – 9 hours

  • ART 1050 Fundamentals of Surface (3 hours)
  • ART 1060 Fundamentals of Form (3 hours)
  • ART 1070 Fundamentals of Digital Media (3 hours)
  • ART 1080 Perceptual Drawing (3 hours)

Elective courses: Upon completion of the required foundations courses, students must take 12 hours distributed in any of the following subject areas with no more than nine hours in one studio area. A minimum of six hours must be in Advanced Art Studies courses at the 3000 level and above.

  • 2D studies (drawing, printmaking, painting)
  • 3D studies (sculpture, ceramics)
  • New media studies (photography, digital arts)

    Recommended courses: It is strongly recommended that the following art history survey courses be taken:
  • ARTH 2050 or 2060 (3 hours)
  • One course in the history of non-Western art (3 hours)
  • One additional course in the history of Western art (3 hours)

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0. for all course work in the minor (in keeping with College of Communication and the Arts standards). Candidates for the minor in studio art must have their course work verified and approved by an Adviser in studio art or the Chair of the department prior to making formal application for graduation.

Minor in Art History

Students may minor in art history through the declaration of the minor with the College of Communication and the Arts and the completion of a minimum of 21 hours of art history courses, which must include the following:

a. At least one course in non-Western art (drawn from ARTH 2100 Asian Art, ARTH 2200
Ethnographic Art, ARTH 3250 Topics in Asian Art, ARTH 3270 Topics in Ethnographic Art, ARTH
3300 African Art, or ARTH 3350 Ancient Art of the Americas). (3 hours); and

b. A two-course survey history of Western art composed of two, three-credit courses – ARTH 2050
History of Western Art I, ARTH 2060 History of Western Art II. The courses may be taken in any

The remaining hours for the minor may be selected from any courses offered by the art history program. Minors may elect to pursue up to three hours in Independent Study (ARTH 4990).  Independent Study requires the permission of an art history faculty member who will direct the Independent Study project.

Interdisciplinary Minor between the Arts and Communication

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