School of Visual and Performing Arts

Guide to Your UT Art Degree Curriculum - Legacy vs New

The newly-created UT School of Visual and Performing Arts means exciting new changes for students majoring within the school, especially those who began their program as an incoming freshman during Fall 2011 or after. If you were majoring in Art, Art History or Art Education in an undergraduate degree program before Fall 2011, your program will move forward as planned. Either way, this page offers important information for all UT Art students.

Below are links to graduation checksheets and curriculum guides to help you. More information will be added to this page over time, so please check back. Or if you have additional questions, please contact your advisor or the University of Toledo Department of Art at 419.530.8300.

Who is my art advisor?


Legacy refers to students who began studying an Art degree program at UT before Fall 2011. New refers to students who began their degree program as of Fall 2011. (Note: checksheets are color coded: Blue for legacy; Green for new)


Studio Fine Arts
New Media
BA New Media Design Practices

BA Visual Arts

BFA Studio Art
BFA New Media

BFA 2D Studies
BFA 3D Studies
BFA New Media Design Practices
BFA Digital and Photographic Art

Last Updated: 8/8/17