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SPRING 2020 UToledo Art EVENTS

Due to COVID-19, all face-to-face spring semester events have been transitioned to online. All UToledo Art Department exhibitions this semester are available below to view virtually. Enjoy!


Spring 2020

The BFA Exhibition is an annual celebratory exhibit of the finest work of UT students graduating this semester with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art. Note: to see a larger image of the booklet's pages, click the full screen icon in the upper right hand corner of the booklet page.


 Download a PDF of the 2020 B.F.A. Student Exhibition


Spring 2020

The Bachelor of Arts program in Visual Art (B.A.V.A.) provides students with a solid foundation in art through introductory courses in drawing, design and the history of art, and it offers study in three areas of studio art as well as advanced work in art history. These department offerings are integrated with the core curriculum with the purpose of using visual art as a special instrument for cognitive growth, knowledge, discovery, and cultural engagement. The B.A. in Visual Art is a special kind of liberal arts degree based in studio art. Though there is no concentration offered, students may choose from 2D studies (drawing, printmaking, painting), 3D studies (sculpture, ceramics), and/or digital and photographic art (photography, digital arts) for their advanced studio coursework.

The BAVA Thesis students choose a project and concept to explore, in-depth, under the direction of the BAVA Coordinator. 

View the 2020 UToledo B.A.V.A. Thesis Exhibition

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