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LAMP for Multi-Age Visual Arts Education

Dr. Jason Cox
Director of the art education program and director of graduate studies in art education. 

Undergraduate and Graduate Adviser
Dr. Jason Cox

The Program: Art Education LAMP (Licensure and Master’s Program) students engage in a program of study designed for individuals that already hold a Bachelor’s degree in the Arts, and who wish to develop their skills as teachers of the Arts for students in Elementary, Middle, and High schools. Conceptually, the program links together a student’s artistic and educational practices.

To Apply: You must complete the OAE (Ohio Assessments for Educators) Test 006: Art to exhibit your broad understanding of the subject matter prior to entry. You must also submit a transcript, three letters of recommendation, and a digital or physical portfolio of artwork to the administrator of the Art LAMP program at the University of Toledo. Please note that there may be other courses that are required for licensure, and that may not have been met in previous studies - thus it is important to begin by having your previous coursework audited. Please email for information on how to do so.

Program of Study: Students in the Art Education LAMP program spend 18 credit hours in the Judith Herb College of Education, which gives them a broad grasp of educational theory and contemporary issues and practices. In the Art department, students spend a total of 18 hours examining how works in a variety of media are conceived, created, and executed in conjunction with modern arts education practices. This includes placements in primary, secondary, and special needs settings during methods courses. The licensure requirements are fulfilled by student teaching internships at one primary and one secondary setting, supplemented by a seminar with other student teachers, for a total of 11 credit hours. Completion of the Master’s requires that a student creates a capstone project in consultation with their advisor, this can either be a thesis or arts project done as an Independent Study and worth 4 credits.

Sample Plan of Study

Fall -- Year 1

  • SPED 5000     Issues in Special Education (3 Hours)
  • EDP 5210     Child Behavior & Development (3 Hours)
  • AED 5990-88     Art Education for the Primary/Pre-Primary Child (3 Hours)
  • AED 5140     Art Ed for The Special Child (3 Hours)

Spring - Year 1

  • RESM 5210     Educational Testing & Grading (3 Hours)
  • CI 6410     Content Reading Elementary (3 Hours)
  • AED 5200     Computer Graphics in Art Education (3 Hours)
  • AED 5990-85     Innovations in Art Ed- Secondary Focus (3 Hours)

Fall - Year 2

  • AED 5010     Selection and Use of Instructional Media (3 Hours)
  • AED 5990:87     Curriculum in Art Education (3 Hours)
  • AED 5000     Research Seminar in Art Education (4 Hours)
  • TSOC 5300     Philosophy & Education (3 Hours)

Spring - Year 2

  • AED 5990:021 Professional Development Seminar (3 Hours)
  • AED 6940:07      Internship Elementary (4 Hours)
  • AED 6940:08      Internship Secondary (4 Hours)
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