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Art Scholarship Opportunities

Over $75,000 awarded Last Year, funded through The UT Foundation and the Toledo Museum of Art with significant awards designated for entering freshmen

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Freshman Scholarship Opportunities

The University of Toledo Department of Art welcomes visually gifted and enthusiastic students with a strong commitment to the study of art. Selection is based on evidence of outstanding creative ability and academic excellence. Applicants must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0, and a slide portfolio is required. With the exception of the Sara Jane DeHoff Art Scholarship, financial need is not a consideration. All applications will be considered for each of the four available scholarships as appropriate. All awards are restricted to UT students.

Sara Jane DeHoff Art Scholarship

Up to $2,000 is given to an entering female freshman majoring in studio fine art, art education or art history. This scholarship is based on financial need, and it is offered for a four-year period with the provision that the recipient maintains a 3.0 GPA.

W. Sinclair Walbridge Scholarship

W. Sinclair Walbridge Scholarship is available to promising and talented entering freshmen who enroll as studio fine art majors at The University of Toledo.

Art Interests Inc. Scholarship

Art Interests Inc. Scholarship is available annually to outstanding entering freshmen pursuing a career in studio fine art or art education.

Application Procedure

Deadline to Apply - November 16, 2018

Complete the Scholarship Application form and return it with the following supporting materials to the Department of Art by the deadline. Freshman Scholarship Application Form (PDF)

Freshman Scholarship Portfolio Requirements

Two letters of recommendation - one from your high school art instructor and one from another adult (counselor, family friend, etc.).

A copy of your high school academic record.

A portfolio of artwork (CD), consisting of 6, two- and/or three-dimensional examples of your work.

Include a list of image file names with medium and dimension.

Images should be JPEG images, @ 72 dpi, 800 to 1,600 pixels on the long edge.

Please submit only one image of each piece. No multiple views or details are necessary.

If you would like to have your materials returned, please include a self-addressed #10 business-size envelope with adequate postage.

Send all application materials to

Entering Freshmen Scholarship Committee
The University of Toledo Department of Art
620 Grove Place
Toledo, OH 43620

Scholarship awards will be announced DECEMBER 31, and payment will be made the following fall semester upon verification that students are enrolled full-time in the appropriate program at The University of Toledo.

For additional information, please call the Department of Art at 419.530.8300.

• Download information about Photographing works of Art
• Download the Freshman Scholarship Application Form

Scholarships totaling up to $3,000 are awarded annually to outstanding majors. This scholarship assistance is available to students with high academic standing or financial need.

Scholarship Awards for continuing students include

  • W. Sinclair Walbridge Scholarship
  • James G. Southworth Scholarship for Ceramic Art Study
  • Athena Art Society Award
  • Art Interests, Inc. Award
  • Matthew K. Morgan Memorial Scholarship
  • Douglas Mark Palmer Memorial Scholarship
  • Sara Jane DeHoff Art Scholarship
  • Toledo Artists Club Scholarship

Contact the Department of Art for Continuing Student Scholarship Application information in January. (Sophomores - Seniors)

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