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UT Bands

The band program at the University of Toledo is dedicated to excellence in music as well as to the social and musical enrichment of its members. For details on performance opportunities offered through the University of Toledo Bands please see our web page devoted to the Band Program at UT.

University Wind Ensemble (Dr. Jason Stumbo, Director) MUS 3010-003/5010-003 / MWF: 11:30AM-12:25PM)
Symphonic Band (Andrew Rhodes, Director) (MUS 3010-002/5010-002 / M: 6-9PM)
UT Rocket Marching Band (Andrew Rhodes, Director) (MUS 3010-001/5010-001 / TWRF: 2:30-4:55PM)
UT Rocket Marching Band-Drumline
UT Rocket Marching Band-Color Guard (Dancing Rock-ets)
UT Brass Ensemble (Andrew Rhodes, Director)

UT Choral/VOCAL Ensembles

Chamber Singers (MUS 3170-001/5170-001 / MTWRF: 2:30-3:25PM)
Glee Club (MUS 3180-001/5180-001 / TR: 4-5:20PM)
Rocket Choristers (MUS 3160-001/5160-001 / R: 5:45-7:35PM)
Glass City Singers (Auditioned Community Ensemble)
Vocalstra (MUS 3150-001/5150-001 / MW: 5-6:50PM)

UT Jazz Ensembles

With several different jazz ensembles to choose from--the traditional jazz sounds of the UT Jazz Ensemble, the Central and South American flavor of the Latin Jazz Ensemble, the unique and fascinating vocalese technique of Jon Hendrick's Vocalstra, the varied jazz expressions of the Jazz Lab Band "GuitArkestra" or taking part in Jazz Combos--you're sure to find a jazz sound to move you. If you are interested in auditioning, please call (419) 530-2448 for more information. Rehearsal times/semesters available vary: 

Jazz Combos (UT Jazz Faculty) 
UT Jazz Lab Band "GuitArkestra" (Norman Damschroder, Director) (MUS 3020-002/5020-002 / TR 11:30AM-1:20PM)
UT Jazz Vocalstra (Ellie Martin, Director) (MUS 3150-001/5150-001 / MW: 5-6:50)
UT Jazz Ensemble (Gunnar Mossblad, Director) (MUS 3020-001/5020-001 / MW: 1-2:50PM)
UT Latin Jazz Ensemble (Norman Damschroder, Director) (MUS 3050-138/5050-138 / T: 4-5:50PM

UT Opera Ensemble

Performs both contemporary and classic Opera. Open to a limited number of qualified students. 
(MUS 3190-001/5190-001)

University Orchestra

MUS 3090-001/5090-001 / TR: 6:30-8:30PM

The University Orchestra is one of the premiere performing ensembles at the University of Toledo. The orchestra performs a minimum of two concerts each semester. Repertoire is chosen from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic periods, the 20th Century, as well as new works. Membership in the orchestra is open to all University of Toledo students regardless of major through the process of auditions. Auditions are held at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters. See the orchestra web page for more information. If you are interested in becoming a member of the orchestra, please contact Norman Damschroder at 419.530.2966 or email him at

Percussion Ensemble

MUS 3050:081, MUS 5050:081 / MWF 1-1:55PM

Contact: Dr. Olman E Piedra

The UT Percussion Ensemble is a chamber ensemble dedicated to the performance of works featuring percussion instruments exclusively or sometimes in combination with other instrumentalists. From classic composers like Cage, Harrison, Xenakis, Varese and others to modern-day works from composers like Reich, Gillingham, Rouse, Tower, Benson, and Masklanka, to transcriptions and arrangements of works by J.S. Bach and other baroque/classical composers the ensemble is dedicated to offering percussionists a broad survey of music from the seminal literature for percussion ensemble to contemporary pop, jazz, and world music offerings. The ensemble is usually comprised of 8 -10 students and is often broken into smaller groups (2-4 players each) to focus on smaller chamber repertoire in addition to performing larger ensembles as a group, collectively. The ensemble is only open to percussion majors. Non-majors may only participate in percussion ensemble with the permission of the instructor and by audition. The UT percussion ensemble usually gives 1 concert per semester. 

Other Percussion Opportunities

UT Bands

University Wind Ensemble
Symphonic Band
UT Rocket Marching Band

UT Jazz  Ensembles

UT Chamber Ensemble - Jazz Combo
UT Jazz Ensemble
UT Jazz Lab Band
UT Jazz Vocalstra
UT Latin Jazz Ensemble

UT Rocket Steel Band Ensemble (MUS 3050:139)

University Orchestra

Chamber Ensembles

(3000 level = undergraduate, 5000 level = graduate)
  • Accompanying (MUS 3050-044/5050-044 / TBA)
  • Chamber Music w/Piano (MUS 3050-041/5050-041 / TBA)
  • Chamber Music Ensemble (MUS 5050-071 / TBA)
  • Clarinet Ensemble (MUS 3050-028 / TBA)
  • Classical Guitar Ensemble (MUS 3050-036/5050-036 / TBA)
  • Flute Choir (MUS 3050-126 / TBA)
  • Harp Ensemble (MUS 3050-035 / TBA)
  • Saxophone Choir Ensemble (MUS 3050-026/5050-026 / TBA)
  • Small Brass Ensemble (MUS 3050-013/5050-013 / TBA)
  • String Chamber Ensemble (MUS 3050-032/5050-032 / TBA)
  • Trombone Choir (MUS 3050-014/5050-014 / TBA)
  • UT Rocket Steel Band Ensemble (MUS 3050-139 / W: 6-8PM)
  • Woodwind Quintet (MUS 3050-027 / TBA)
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