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RESOURCES FOR Current Students

Stay connected with your University of Toledo Department of Music! This page features great links and documents for current students. From templates to help you prepare your recital program to helpful information if you're considering grad school, to music industry links and news, this is the page for you. Just click and go!

Accompanying Information

Need an accompanist for your recital? This page has everything you need to arrange an accompanist - rules, forms, rates. 

Voice Student Documents (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Voice students, click the link about for documents and listening links for you.

About Student Recital Programs

The Department of Music will print the programs for your student recital! But you are responsible for providing your program information. We have helpful instructions and even a template you can use that will help you pull all the information together. Since the template is made with Publisher software, you will have to use a Windows-based PC that has it installed.  Publisher is commonly part of the Microsoft Office suite of software that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. There are PCs in computer labs all over campus that have this software. The computer lab in the CPA currently has only Macs available, due to the need for our students to have access to music editing software available only on that platform. If at all possible please use the template, but if you can't get access or don't feel comfortable with the software, you can also just email the text for your program. Please review the rules about submitting your recital program.
Download the Publisher recital template


One of the best ways to make sure you have a great college experience is to join an organization of people who share your love of music! Check out the web sites of these organizations or contact them directly to learn more. These groups also regularly post information in the UT Center for Performing Arts student lounge. 


Find out about other UT student organizations at the Office of Student Involvement


Last Updated: 6/24/19