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2019-2020 Music Student Handbook

Accompanying Information - fall 2020

Need an accompanist for your recital? This page has everything you need to arrange an accompanist - rules, forms, rates. NOTE: the guidelines have been updated for Fall 2020 in terms of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

My Faculty

This webpage lists all of our current faculty by area of specialty. Each faculty member's academic background and contact info is provided as well as a link to a biography for each, if available.

Music Student Hearings/Recitals

To perform a student recital and receive credit for it, you must be registered for the recital as a class. Register for junior/senior recital (MUS3810 or MUS4810) and choose the section that applies in your case. You must then hold and pass a hearing. During the hearing you will be asked to perform significant portions, if not all of the pieces to be performed at the recital. Your applied instructor will inform you of the committee’s approval/disapproval and any other decisions/recommendations. Assuming you pass your hearing, you are free to perform your recital.


  • Student recitals MUST occur in the Department of Music Recital Hall unless otherwise approved by administration.
  • Student recitals MAY NOT be scheduled during final exam week or on a University holiday closure.
  • Music Education majors MUST perform their senior recital prior to student teaching.
  • Request scheduling is on a first-come first-serve basis. Requisite recitals take priority over all others.
  • Student recitals MUST NOT exceed 60 minutes (including intermission).

Setting Up Your Hearing and Recital

  • Select recital hearing committee members. Committee MUST consist of your applied music instructor, a faculty member from your applied area (brass, woodwind, percussion, string, piano, voice, or jazz) and another music faculty member of your choice.
  • Download a copy of the Hearing form. You will need this form at your hearing. Your committee members' signatures on this form are required. It is available in the Music Department main office or online at
  • Choose dates for your hearing AND recital that work for you, your committee and when the Recital Hall is available. The hearing MUST take place not less than two (2) weeks and no more than 6 weeks prior to the planned recital date. Visit the Department of Music’s website at and review the calendars for space availability. 
  • Complete a space request form for your hearing date and recital date. Unless the dates are unavailable for some reason, your request will honored. Space requests are (usually) first-come-first-served. Recital dates are TENTATIVE until we receive confirmation that you passed your hearing! Return a completed, signed copy of your Hearing Form to the secretary in the Music Department office to confirm your recital date. (If you DO NOT PASS your hearing, please inform the secretary so the recital date can be opened for someone else. You can also use this as an opportunity to re-schedule your new hearing and recital dates for a future semester.)
  • When you submit the space request form online, a copy will also go to the instructor you named for their approval. 
  • Your reservation is confirmed UNLESS the department secretary informs you otherwise. Use the same space request form to schedule a dress rehearsal. Rehearsal times may be scheduled in the performance hall for two (2) hours prior to the performance on a space available basis. Check the room schedule on our website for availability. 
  • For your recital - You may need to find people to serve as ushers, stage manager and page turner.  Please arrange for these people on your own in advance.
  • Recital Fee - What it Covers

    • Piano Tuning is done frequently in the RH. The department secretary will schedule a tuning for all recitals requiring a piano. The recital fee covers the tuning cost.

    • Recording Services Degree recitals MUST be recorded. The cost of the recording is covered by the recital fee. The master CD will be catalogued in the Music Library. The performer will be provided one (1) copy of the recording as part of the recital fee. Additional copies are available for a nominal fee of $10.00 per CD. Copy requests MUST be made prior to the recital.
  • Recital Hall Usage - When you reserve the Recital Hall, you are responsible for the space during the total time of your reservation. Please carefully review the policies and expectations on the reservation form and in the follow-up email.

Student Recital Programs

The Department of Music will print the programs for your student recital - free! But you are responsible for providing your program information. We have helpful instructions and even a template you can use that will help you pull all the information together. Since the template is made with Publisher software, you will have to use a Windows-based PC that has it installed.  Publisher is commonly part of the Microsoft Office suite of software that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. There are PCs in computer labs all over campus that have this software, as well as one in the Music Department main office available to students. The Music computer lab in the CPA currently has only Macs available, due to the need for our students to have access to music editing software available only on that platform. If at all possible please use the template, but if you can't get access or don't feel comfortable with the software, you can also just email the text for your program. Please review the rules about submitting your recital program.

Download the Publisher recital template


One of the best ways to make sure you have a great college experience is to join an organization of people who share your love of music! Check out the web sites of these organizations or contact them directly to learn more. These groups also regularly post information on bulletin boards in the UToledo Center for Performing Arts. 


Find out about other UT student organizations at the Office of Student Involvement

Even More Helpful Info

Visit our Music industry links page for information about attending grad school and for music industry links and news.


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