Department of Theatre and Film

Message From the Chair

Edmund B Lingan, Chair of the UT Department of Theatre & FilmWelcome to the University of Toledo Department of Theatre and Film! 

Students in The University of Toledo Department of Theatre and Film participate in theatre productions both on and back stage, create their own films and videos, travel for arts programs in Study Abroad (Costa Rica, Hungary, Wales to name a few), participate in special master classes like Steadicam, land internships with organizations such as Disney, Viacom and others.  In addition guest artists from all over the world work with students as designers, directors, filmmakers and performers through our international connections.

Every production each season is a top-notch work. We are extremely pleased with the upcoming season we have to present. The directors are excited. The students are engaged. There is a special energy around this season especially because this will be our first season as a department within the new College of Communication and the Arts.


Edmund Lingan, Chair
Department of Theatre & Film
Center for the Performing Arts (PA1030A)
The University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio 43606
(419) 530 - 2855

*The University of Toledo Department of Theatre & Film supports diversity.
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Last Updated: 10/30/19