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Gina Gass, alumna University of Toledo, Theatre 2015
Gina Gass, Theatre - 2015

“I learned to be self motivated and find strength in others as well as pull it from myself. I learned that weaknesses are not a bad thing, but more of an aspect that you can view as something to work on to better yourself. While I was a student, I went from shy and whimsical to more focused and open with others. I find a passion in making a positive impact on people whether I'm around them for one minute, or years. I love creating an atmosphere where people can feel like they can be thrive and dare to try take on new ideas and identities. I started my university journey pretty lost with what I wanted in life and terrified that if I would never go after my dreams out of fear of failure. I ended the university chapter with the ability to visualize what I want in life, the motivation to go after it, and the determination to get where it is I want to go. I found confidence in myself that I am worth more, and I can't wait to start my next chapter!"

Pasha Carter, alumna University of Toledo, Theatre 2013
Pasha Carter, Theatre - 2013

"Being a student at UT was everything I needed to be become the woman I am today! As first generation college attendee in my family, I took advantage of all of the opportunities and was open to transformation, growth and campus involvement! My adulthood was put to the test! Could I survive everything that college entailed, the highs and the lows you know? Ultimately, I built a strong theatrical and performance-based foundation that allowed me to be proud to say I was trained at The University Of Toledo under amazing professors who really care!

Cory Vail, alumnus University of Toledo, Film 2015
Cory Vail, Film - 2016

"As a student at the University of Toledo, I joined an eager group of people in the art world! I joined the University of Toledo Film and Video society as a board member and helped put on an amazing showcase for 2015. Together, my colleagues and I worked on countless films together and have learned new skills and found new connections. During my time at the University of Toledo, I was given the opportunity to work on set with a very well-known network, Arts & Entertainment! When A&E offered me a position on the set of one of their newest television shows, Dead Again, I jumped at the opportunity to get my feet wet! To my surprise, this show was being produced by Dick Wolf, well known for his production of the Law & Order series. Ever since, job offerings as a cameraman, production assistant, and editor have been given to me and I wouldn’t have had these opportunities without my education."

Lance Miller, alumnus University of Toledo, Theatre 2013
Lance Miller, Theatre - 2013

"In acting every character has an objective. Something they are fighting for. Something they want more than anything else. That objective is the driving force behind all of their actions. Students are no different. The University of Toledo is a training ground helping students prepare the necessary skill-set to fight for their objective and have a competitive edge. To say the professors at UT will challenge you is an understatement. They will push your boundaries, test your limits and force you into situations where you have to adapt and overcome adversity. I have learned how to network, build and maintain professional relationships. But most important of all, I learned how to adapt in order to overcome adversity. As a university, Toledo develops the characters of its students and those who commit themselves won’t miss their mark."

Marcus Jordan, alumnus University of Toledo, Film 2015
Marcus Jordan, Film - 2015

“Before I came to the University of Toledo’s film department, I was seeking a way to tell visual stories. When I became a member of the UToledo family, I was able to see those stories come to life. Though creating stories was what I wanted to do, I left with meeting and working with great people. I want to thank the University for the experiences.”

Lindsey Miller, alumna University of Toledo, Theatre 2015
Lindsey Miller, Theatre - 2015

“I would not be the person I am today without my experiences in the UT theatre department. Not only are you taught acting techniques, public speaking skills, and how to present yourself on stage, but you are given opportunities that would be difficult to find anywhere else. Because of my time at UT, I have had professional acting jobs, been a part of a burlesque troupe, interned at theaters, and worked backstage on professional productions. I grew immensely in my time here. Not only as a performer, but more importantly, as a human being. Not only did I learn about myself, but I learned about human nature as well. And that has undoubtedly made me a better person.”



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