College of Arts and Letters

WAC Requirements for Students

  1. Students must pass both Composition I and II with a C or better. The College recommends that these requirements be met before completing the first year of course work.
  2. Students must pass two writing intensive courses approved by their advisor. The College recommends that the first of these writing intensive courses be completed within the first 65 hours of course work, and the second be completed within the first 90 hours of course work. One of these courses must be taken within the student's major. In consultation with their advisors, students with dual or interdisciplinary majors will meet this requirement by selecting a course within one of their chosen majors.
  3. Advisors will monitor students' progress to help them complete these requirements in a timely fashion.
  4. Whenever possible departments should incorporate a significant writing component in upper division courses.
  5. Transfer students from institutions that have required writing intensive courses should have their former institution certify that they have completed a series of comparable writing intensive courses. Transfer students who have not taken writing intensive courses are expected to meet the College WAC requirements.

    Available WAC Courses
Last Updated: 12/21/23