Department of Women's and Gender Studies

Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study which examines the significance and consequences of gender as a cultural category that shapes the experiences and knowledge of individuals and communities. Women's and Gender Studies is grounded in feminist and gender theories that re-conceptualize and re-contextualize ideas and experiences as well as knowledge and knowledge production. This field of study allows for an in-depth exploration of the sociocultural, economic, and political implications of gender, race, class, ability, sexuality, and power relations - past, present, and cross-culturally.

Our faculty have expertise in areas of women's and gender studies connected to literature, education, cultural studies, disability studies, film, digital media, and law. Affiliated faculty in other departments include scholars in History, Sociology, Political Science, English, Economics, Foreign Languages, Communication, Anthropology, and Philosophy.

The goal of the Certificate program is to offer a formal program of study for graduate students who seek to include Women’s and Gender Studies as a specific area of concentration in their graduate studies.

The Certificate Program in Women’s and Gender Studies is flexible and designed to accommodate both full-time and part-time graduate students. The courses required for the certificate include evening, hybrid and online courses.

The Certificate consists of 15 hours of graduate study. Research & Methods is required for the Certificate. Our courses expose students to interdisciplinary research and training focused on issues and topics in Women’s and Gender Studies. If you are interested in also completing a Master's Degree, you can apply the Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies toward a Master of Liberal Studies degree.

Certificate Curriculum — required* and elective courses

Students must complete a total of 15 credit hours from the courses listed.
Please download the certificate flyer (PDF).

WGST 6240* Research and Methods, 3 credit hours

WGST 5860* Seminar in Feminist Theory, 3 credit hours

WGST 5900* Seminar in Women's Studies, 3 credit hours

*Required: these courses are required of all students pursuing the graduate certificate in women’s and gender studies.

Students may choose electives from the following courses –

WGST 5880 Queer and Sexuality Theories, 3 credit hours

WGST 5980 Special Topics in WGST, 3 credit hours

WGST 6240 Research and Methods in Women’s and Gender Studies, 3 credit hours

WGST 6250 Feminism and Film, 3 credit hours

WGST 6260 Women, Gender and Disability, 3 credit hours

WGST 6980 Directed Reading in Women’s and Gender, credit hours TBD

Request to Add a Graduate Certificate Program

If you are currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program and wish to earn a certificate while pursuing this degree, please complete the Request to Add a Graduate Certificate form. Click here for complete instructions and form. Click here to download the certificate flyer (PDF).

New Student or Not Currently Enrolled

If you are not currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program but wish to earn a certificate, please complete the Graduate Online application. Click here to apply online.  Click here to download the certificate flyer (PDF).


Please contact 
Sharon Barnes, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair

Last Updated: 12/22/22