Department of World Languages and Cultures

Placement Testing Information

Schedule an online test with UToledo Testing Services at 419.530.2011 or

If you have studied a second language, you are encouraged to take an optional placement test. Taking a placement test may allow you to skip some or all of the prerequisites. Tests are available in French, German, Japanese, & Spanish and may only be taken once.

For Arabic contact Dr. Gaby Semaan at 419.530.2546.

Taking a foreign language placement test does not give you any credit hours for classes that you test out of. However, it can waive some of the language requirements for your degree, placing you in a more advanced level to start out.

The World Languages & Cultures Department recommends you take the foreign language placement test if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are already fluent in one of the tested languages and wish to waive your language requirement.
  • You have spent time living in a country that speaks one of the tested languages.
  • You speak one of the tested languages in your home.
  • You have, (for a different reason), developed fluency in one of the tested languages and believe that you are advance enough to skip some/all of the required language courses.
  • You have previously taken classes studying one of the tested languages elsewhere and wish to continue at UT.

If you would like to test in a different language, email or call 419.530.2606 to discuss your options.

Coordinators of Language Sections and Advisor contact information:

Arabic: Dr. Gaby Semaan Field House 2400N

French, Grad & Undergrad: Dr. Linda Rouillard FH 2400F

German, Grad & Undergrad: Dr. Friederike Emonds FH 2400E

Japanese, minor only: Dr. Kasumi Yamazaki FH 2400J

Spanish Undergraduate & Minor (A-H): Dr. Juan Martin FH 2400H

Spanish Undergraduate & Minor (I-Z): Dr. Kathleen Thompson-Casado FH 2400C

Spanish Graduate: Dr. An Chung Cheng FH 2400L

Last Updated: 7/15/24