Department of World Languages and Cultures

Walter Denk

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“I wish to be remembered less for what I know or said
than for what others figured out in my presence.”


 That statement has been part of my course syllabus for over the four decades that I have been  teaching  both in the United States as well as in the Federal Republic of Germany.  I have taught  a large variety of students, from kindergarteners to graduate students,  traditional college age students to adult learners. I tell all of  my students that I am not a very good mind reader, but a reasonable good problem solver.  I expect students to communicate what is working well for them and to have fun in my classes.  Below is a list of courses that I have taught at UT for the last thirty years.  I hope to see you in one of them next semester. 


GERM 1090 (Introduction to Modern German Culture)

GERM 1110, 1120 (Accelerated Elementary German I and II as well as full-semester courses)

GERM 2140, 2150 (Accelerated  Intermediate German I and II)

GERM 3020 (German Conversation and Composition II-WAC)

GERM 4870 (German Literature in Translation: Brecht and Modern German Drama)

GERM 4870 (German Literature in Translation: The German Nobel Prize Winners)

FLAN 3440 (Intercultural Communication: A Literary Perspective)

HON 1010, 1020 (formerly Readings Conference I and II, now Ideas and Society, Innovation and Society)

HON 2020 (Multicultural Literatures: The North American Experience)

HON 2030 (Multicultural Literatures: The Non-European World)

HON 4950 and 4960 (Honors Seminars, various topics) after semester conversion.

Last Updated: 6/27/22