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Admission Requirements

Anapplicant is considered for admission to the Graduate School on the basis of several general criteria as well as the minimum specific requirements listed below. The general criteria are (a) the performance of the applicant in the undergraduate program, (b) a well-formulated objective for graduate study, and recommendations from college faculty members acquainted with the student's character and ability. In some instances, additional recommendations are required from nonacademic individuals. The specific requirements are:

1.A baccalaureate or professional degree earned from a department of approved standing and granted by an accredited college or university.

2.A 2.70 accumulated point hour ratio for all previous academic work or indicated performance under Sections 5 or 6 below.

3.Prerequisite academic work which gives evidence that the applicant should be able to pursue effectively the graduate work in the department in which specialization is desired.

4.Acceptance by the college and/or department concerned.

5.All applicants with less than a 2.7 cumulative hour ratio on all undergraduate work are required to forward results of the Graduate Record Examination general test and/or other appropriate qualifying examinations as specified by the department concerned. On the basis of the results of these examinations, the department will make a recommendation to the Graduate School.

6.It is within the discretion of the various departments to require the Graduate Record Examination or other qualifying examinations for all applicants.

7.International students are invited to apply for admission to the Graduate School. In addition to the requirements for regular admission, all students from non-English speaking countries must achieve satisfactory scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the general test of the GRE. All international students also must demonstrate that they have adequate financial resources for their graduate education before they can be admitted. All international students are required to have health and accident insurance at time of registration.

The Graduate School will deny admission to the students who do not meet the above admission requirements. Students not meeting requirements for admission to the Graduate School may apply to the appropriate baccalaureate college for admission as an undergraduate with degree (UWD) to make up deficiencies and to establish a basis for reconsideration of admission to the Graduate School. UWD's are not permitted to register for graduate credit courses. Admission to a master's program does not automatically admit a student to the doctoral program.

Classification of Students

Six categories of students may be permitted to take graduate courses.

1.Regular. An applicant is admitted as a regular graduate student if, after considering all of the required documents, the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies is satisfied the applicant is fully qualified to undertake a degree program.

2.Provisional. An applicant is admitted as a provisional student if, at the time of application, all of the requirements for admission have not been completed. All admission requirements must be completed during the first semester of attendance.

3.Non-Degree Student. Individuals who want specific courses or groups of courses to meet special personal needs may be considered for admission to the individual department and college as non-degree students. These students are expected to have at least a bachelor's degree and must have permission of the graduate adviser of the department to enroll in each specific course. Persons applying are not candidates for degrees, but subsequent admission to a degree program is possible on recommendation of the college. In such cases, up to 12 graduate credit hours earned as a non-degree student, may, upon approval, be accepted as determined by the college and department concerned.

4.Special Student Status. Applicants interested in taking graduate courses for personal enrichment, professional development, certification, or who wish to explore graduate study prior to deciding on a degree program, may enroll under Special Student Status. This status is not an admission to a Graduate School degree program. However, upon application to the Graduate School and if subsequently accepted to a degree program, a maximum of 10 semester hours earned while on this status may, upon approval, be counted toward a degree. Applicants must present proof of a baccalaureate degree at the time of application or within the first semester of enrollment; without such proof, registration will be canceled. Since this status is not available in all academic areas, applicants should inquire with the Graduate School, the appropriate department or college before submitting an application.

5.Conditional Admission Status. Applicants who meet all qualifications for admission to a graduate program, except for the TOEFL requirement, will be considered for conditional admission. To be considered in this category, the applicant must (1) have submitted a TOEFL score greater than 450, (2) be self-supporting, and (3) satisfy all other academic requirements. A student with conditional admission status may not register for any graduate level course work until a TOEFL score of 550 or higher is obtained. Students in this category will be required to enroll for English language training at the American Language Institute until the required minimum 550 TOEFL score is achieved.

6.Transient Admission. A student enrolled in a graduate program at an accredited institution other than The University of Toledo may be admitted as a graduate transient student. A transcript of work completed at The University of Toledo will be sent to the student's home institution for the semester enrolled. This status is granted on a semester basis and is contingent upon approval of the institution in which the student is pursuing a degree.

Cooperative Enrollment Program

The University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University, and the Medical College of Ohio jointly sponsor this program which allows graduate students at one institution to enroll and receive credit for classes offered at the other institution. The cooperative program provides graduate students the unique opportunity to enhance their academic experience by taking advantage of resources provided by the three institutions. Credit and grades earned count as resident credit at the home institution.

Students at any of these institutions must be admitted under the cooperative student status, and the approval of the Graduate Dean of the student's home institution is required before a student receives credit and a grade for the class in which he/she has enrolled. In addition, The University of Toledo graduate students who enroll at Bowling Green State University or the Medical College of Ohio are required to complete a minimum of 51 percent of their courses in their degree programs on the main campus of The University of Toledo. Part-time graduate students pay the instructional, general, and if applicable, the nonresident fees at the host institution on a per-hour basis. Instructional and nonresident fees will be waived by the host institution for those students who have paid full-time instructional, general and nonresident fees at their home institution, or who are graduate assistants or teaching fellows at their home university.

Letter of Admission

A letter of admission will be issued to the student upon the satisfactory completion of all requirements. A copy of this admission will be kept in the student's file in the Graduate School office and copies will be forwarded to the program adviser and the Student Records office.


Three transcripts (one of which must be official *) of all undergraduate credits and all degrees earned must be provided by the student. If previous graduate work has been undertaken, three transcripts of these records also must be filed with the Graduate School. The official copy will be filed with the Student Records office and the other copies will be retained in the Graduate School office and the college dean's file.

*Note: An official transcript is defined as one that is received directly from the issuing institution. Transcripts marked "issued to student" are not considered official transcripts.

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