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(Administered by the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work.)
Seamus P. Metress, Undergraduate Adviser, Honors Adviser

Degrees Offered

The student will receive a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree upon completion of the program.

Requirements for the Undergraduate Major

The major of 33 hours in Anthropology must include the following:

a.ANTH 2100, 2700, 2750, 2800, 3850, 4760;

b.15 hours of electives in anthropology. Courses in the subfields of anthropology not listed in the catalog can sometimes be arranged through independent study (ANTH 4910, 4920 or 4990) with departmental faculty.

The requirement of 18 related hours is to be met with SOC 3290 (Social Statistics), ARTH 2200 (Ethnographic Art) or ARTH 3270 (Topics in Ethnographic Art), ENGL 3730 (Introduction to Folklore), LING 3150 (Linguistic Principles), plus 6 hours of electives. In special circumstances, the undergraduate adviser may approve alternatives to those courses listed above. Students may not take P/NC in major or related courses.

Undergraduate Minor in Anthropology

Tocomplete a minor in Anthropology students must complete a minimum of 21 hours of course work: 15 hours of core courses in Anthropology and an additional 6 hours of advanced course work at the 3000/4000 level in Anthropology.

Core courses: The following 15 hours comprise the core courses for the minor.

ANTH 2100 Human Society Through Film

ANTH 2700 Biological Anthropology

ANTH 2800 Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 4760 Medical Anthropology

ANTH 3850 Peoples of the World or

ANTH 3920 Indians of North America

Advanced courses: With the approval of the departmental adviser, select 6 hours of course work at the 3000/4000 level in anthropology.

Honors in Anthropology

Qualified juniors and seniors may apply to work for Honors in Anthropology. The following are requirements for entrance into the Honors Program in Anthropology.

A. Admission.

1.3.3 minimum GPA in Anthropology courses

2.3.0 minimum cumulative GPA

3.12 hours completed work in Anthropology

4.Qualification as an Anthropology major

B. Requirements. A student must complete 9 hours of independent work in anthropology. During the final quarter before graduation, the student must pass a comprehensive examination or submit a completed honors thesis. Students should discuss their special interests with faculty members or with the honors adviser who will help identify an appropriate faculty member to guide the honors work.

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