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Academic Policies

Residence Requirement

When transferring from another institution, a student must complete 50 percent of business credits from The University of Toledo's College of Business Administration. The senior year in the baccalaureate program must be taken in residence by all business students.

Policy on Academic Honesty and Integrity

Actions by students that involve academic dishonesty will be considered breaches of the ethical standards of the College of Business Administration. See the General Section of this catalog for further details on this policy.

Academic Grievance

Students have the responsibility and right to call to the attention of a professor any grade that the student believes to be in error. Students may appeal, in sequence, to the professor, the department chair, the chair of the Academic Grievance Committee, and the Associate Dean for resolution of any problem. If the problem is not resolved at the college level, the student may appeal to the University Student Grievance Council. For further details, see The University of Toledo Student Handbook.

Grievances must be filed by the last class day following the semester in which the accusation was made. A student accused of dishonesty in the fall semester, for instance, would have until the last class day of the spring semester to begin the above steps.

Probation and Suspension

Academic suspension means that a student is dropped from The University of Toledo for a period of at least one semester. A student is subject to academic suspension if that person falls below the minimum requirements or fails to make sufficient progress toward attainment of the degree. No course work taken at any other educational institution during the student's suspension shall be accepted as transfer credit. However, students may remove incompletes while under suspension. See the General Section of this catalog for additional details on university probation and suspension policies.

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