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Admission Policies

College Divisions

For purposes of admissions, the College of Business Administration has three divisions:

1. The Lower Division Students enter this division upon admission to the college. The student's Degree Audit specifies the Lower Division required and elective course work.

2. The Upper Division Undergraduate students can apply for admittance to the Upper Division after completing 45 hours of lower division course work. A student will be admitted to the Upper Division upon (1) the completion of 60 semester hours, which must include the required and elective courses in the Lower Division, (2) earning a grade point average of 2.25 in the following courses: BUAD 1010, ISOM 1020, BUAD 2030, ACCT 2040, ACCT 2050, ISOM 2060, ISOM 2070, MKTG/MGMT 2080, and (3) earning an overall minimum grade point average of 2.25. A student not meeting the standards but with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 will be reviewed for admission to Upper Division by the College Admission Committee on an individual basis.

3. The Graduate Studies Division This division consists of all students who have been admitted for graduate study in the College. The procedure for admission and the entrance requirements are outlined in the Graduate School portion of this catalog.

Part-Time and Transfer Students

The qualifications for admission to the undergraduate degree program and to the Upper Division, the prerequisites for courses, and all other requirements stated in this catalog apply equally to full-time, part-time and transfer students.

Undergraduate Transfer Policy Requirements

Transfer courses are eligible for the evaluation process by the college after the student has submitted official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended and has been accepted by The University of Toledo College of Business Administration (CBA). The evaluation process must be completed by the student before the end of the first term of attendance. Only course work with a grade of C (2.0) or higher will be considered.

For purposes of determining grade point average, grades from another institution do not transfer. The grade point average will be based on the work taken while enrolled in the College of Business Administration of The University of Toledo. For students transferring into the College of Business Administration from another college within The University of Toledo, all undergraduate hours attempted and earned as well as the grade point average will transfer. To qualify for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree, students must fulfill all College of Business Administration requirements. No required course in the College of Business Administration may be repeated at any other institution for the purpose of transferring credit to The University of Toledo toward any Business Administration program or degree. For additional information on transfer policies, please see the General Section of this catalog.

Evaluation of Courses

The CBA Student Services Center (SSC) will complete the evaluations based on course equivalencies determined by the appropriate business and/or non-business college department. In many cases, courses from other universities/colleges have been preapproved for equivalency and will transfer with confirmation. Equivalent courses from AACSB-accredited schools automatically transfer. When automatic transfer does not exist, it is possible for a student to obtain course equivalency by selecting one of the following options:

1. Petition to Validate a Course: Requesting to accept a transfer course(s) based on successfully completing a more advanced course, determined by the appropriate Associate Dean or assigned representative, with a minimum grade. Students should provide course syllabus and/or any additional documentation requested with the petition.

2. Petition to take Proficiency Exam: Testing to determine transfer credit. The type of examination and the minimum score required for acceptance of transfer course(s) are determined by the appropriate CBA department or designated faculty. Students should provide course syllabus and any/or additional documentation requested with the petition.

3. Petition for Course Waiver: Requesting to have a required business course waived based on evaluation of transfer course(s) by appropriate CBA chairperson or Associate Dean. Students should provide course syllabus, grade, instructor's name and credentials, books used and any additional documentation requested with the petition.

Articulation Agreements

The College of Business Administration is committed to developing articulation agreements with two-year colleges. The purpose of these agreements is to allow for an easy transition to the Upper Division. In some cases, transfer students will have to take additional Lower Division course work so that they have mastered the same material as continuing students. The College has articulation agreements with The University of Toledo Community and Technical College, Owens Community College, Monroe County Community College, Northwest State Community College, Terra Community College, Sinclair Community College and Lorain County Community College.

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