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Degree Requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

The requirements for the B.B.A. degree have been established to give students a well-rounded education combined with a strong area of specialization in one of the functional areas of business.

Students earning baccalaureate degrees in all colleges and programs as well as those pursuing Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees are required to complete between 27 and 30 credit hours of courses that comprise the University Core Curriculum. The courses are distributed in the areas of English composition, humanities/fine arts, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, and multicultural studies. The University Core Curriculum requirements are integrated into the B.B.A. degree. It should be noted that some colleges and programs require courses in these areas over and above those required to fulfill University Core requirements. The student's academic department or college office should be contacted for specific details. See the General Information section of this catalog for the specific core requirements.

Lower Division

The freshman and sophomore years of the curriculum consist of required and elective Lower Division courses in Arts and Sciences and Lower Division courses in business. Out of the total hours required in the Lower Division, 30 must be taken from the College of Arts and Sciences to meet the core curriculum requirements.

Lower Division Business Requirements

These are courses that each student is required to take in the College of Business Administration, regardless of area of specialization. They include the following:

BUAD 1000 Orientation for Business Students 1 ECON 1880 Introduction to Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Analysis 4 BUAD 1010 Introduction to Business 3 ISOM 1020 Micro-Computer Applications in Business 3 BUAD 2030 Leadership and Organizational Survival Skills 3 ACCT 2040 Financial Accounting Information 3 ACCT 2050 Accounting for Business Decision Making 3 ISOM 2060 Data Analysis for Business 3 ISOM 2070 Application of Statistics in Business Decision Making 3 MKTG/ MGMT 2080 Global Environment of Business 3

Upper Division

All students must make formal application for admission to the Upper Division one semester before the semester in which they earn 60 semester hours. Students who do not meet the requirements or who have not completed all 1000- and 2000-level required and elective business and non-business courses will not be allowed to take Upper Division courses until all requirements for admission to the Upper Division are satisfied.

The junior and senior years of the curriculum consist of the following Upper Division business requirements, an area of specialization and a minor or business elective courses. COMM 3880 Professional Business Communication MKTG 3010 Principles of Marketing ISOM 3020 Principles of Manufacturing and Service Systems MGMT 3030 Managerial and Behavioral Processes in Organizations FINA 3040 Principles of Financial Management MKTG 3060 Managerial Economics or 3070 Business Fluctuations and Outlooks BUAD 4010 Integrative Capstone Experience MGMT 4020 Senior Business Policy Forum

Requirements for areas of specialization are identified by functional area. Students electing two areas of specialization must complete all of the required and elective course work for each area. Such a program will require taking more than the minimum of 126 semester hours for the B.B.A. degree.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for selecting the correct courses for their programs of study each semester and for fulfilling their degree requirements. Although advisers will assist wherever possible, the final responsibility rests with the student.

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