1998 - 2000 Catalog Archive

Areas of Specialization

Accounting (ACCT) Emphasis can be placed on different areas in order to prepare for the Certified Public Accountant's examination, Certified Management Accountant's examination or Certified Internal Auditor Examination; Finance (FINA) This department covers three areas: Finance, Commercial Real Estate and Financial Services; Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) This department is responsible for three areas: Information Systems, Operations Management and Purchasing and Supply Management; Management (MGMT) This department includes two areas: Management and Human Resource Management; Marketing (MKTG) This department covers three areas: Marketing, Business Economics and Purchasing and Supply Management; and Interdisciplinary Studies in Business (ISB) this includes two programs: Entrepreneurship, Family, and Small Business which prepares students for jobs in small or medium-sized family or nonfamily firms, and International Business which prepares students for careers in international business areas.

Minor or Business Electives

Inorder to increase the knowledge-base of the students, the college offers business students the choice of a minor or business electives as part of the curriculum. Students who want a minor to be recorded on their transcripts must complete nine hours beyond the junior core requirements. The course requirements for a minor are specified by the departments. The college offers the following minors: Accounting, Business Economics, Business Law, Commercial Real Estate, Decision Sciences, Finance, Financial Services, Information Systems, Insurance and Risk Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Purchasing and Supply Management, and Small Business Financial Management.

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