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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Degree Requirements

The degree Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (B.S. in Pharm.) is conferred upon candidates who have fulfilled the requirements described in this bulletin. They are summarized as follows:

1.The completion of 169 semester hours of work.

2.The acquisition of 338 quality points or a grade point average of at least 2.0 on the point average scale of A = 4 points.

3.The completion of all work required by the standard program for Pharmacy students with such substitutions as may be approved by the dean of the college. The standard program may be revised at any time by faculty action. A student after five calendar years in the Professional Division may be required to retake courses and/or complete the course requirements consistent with the current College of Pharmacy bulletin.

4.Continuously enrolled students will be subject to the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy published in the Undergraduate Bulletin of the College of Pharmacy concurrent with their entry into the College of Pharmacy. Students without continuous enrollment, i.e., students who have been readmitted after an absence of an academic year (summers excluded), will be subject to the requirements concurrent with the semester during which they were readmitted to the college.

5.Schools of pharmacy arrange for educational tours to pharmaceutical and biological companies. The College of Pharmacy designates arranged tours each year and students are required to make the minimum of one tour as a requirement for graduation. This tour is required in the fourth year.

6.Student placement in college Experiential Rotations includes Cleveland and Toledo as well as other College approved sites. In order to accommodate all students in the fifth year Experiential Rotations, it is necessary to assign students during the Fall and Spring semesters. (Summer rotations are not available.) Each student is required to complete their Experiential Rotations at the assigned locations.


Pre-Professional Division

First Year

First Semester PHPR 1000 Orientation 1 CHEM 1090 or 1230* Elementary/General Chem 3 or 4 CHEM 1280* General Chemistry Lab I 1 BIOL 2150 Fund. of Life Sciences I 4 BIOL 2160 Fund. of Life Sciences Lab I 1 MATH 1750 Math. for Life Sciences I 4 Core Elective(s)** 4 or 3 Second Semester CHEM 1240 General Chemistry II 4 CHEM 1290 General Chemistry Lab II 1 BIOL 2170 Fund. of Life Sciences II 4 BIOL 2180 Fund. of Life Sciences Lab II 1 MATH 1760 Math. for Life Sciences II 3 Core Elective(s)** 3 *Depending on results of Chemistry and Mathematics Placement Examinations. If CHEM 1090 is required, it must be completed successfully before CHEM 1230 and 1280 may be taken, followed by CHEM 1240 and 1290. **Core Electives refer to both University and college core elective requirements

Second Year

First Semester PHPR 2010 Introduction to Patient Care 2 CHEM 2410 Organic Chemistry I 3 CHEM 2460 Organic Chemistry Lab I 1 PHCL 2600 Funct. Anat. & Physiology I 4 PHYS 1750 Selected Topics in Physics 4 Core Elective(s)** 3 Second Semester CHEM 2420 Organic Chemistry II 3 CHEM 2470 Organic Chemistry Lab II 1 PHCL 2620 Funct. Anat. & Physiology II 4 Core Elective(s)** 9

Professional Division

Third Year First Semester MBC 3310 Medicinal Chemistry I 3 MBC 3550 Physiological Chemistry I 3 PHCL 3700 Pharmacology I 3 PHPR 3010 Pharmaceutical Calculations 2 PHPR 3070 Pharmaceutics I 4 PHPR 3510 Pharm. Dimension of Hlth. 3 Second Semester MBC 3320 Medicinal Chemistry II 3 MBC 3560 Physiological Chemistry II 3 MBC 3600 Microbiology & Immunology 4 PHCL 3720 Pharmacology II 3 PHPR 3080 Pharmaceutics II 4

Fourth Year

First Semester MBC 4300 Chemotherapy & Immunotherapy. 3 PHCL 4700 Pharmacology III 3 PHCL 4150 Biopharm & Pharmacokinetics 4 PHPR 4400 Human Interact. in Healthcare 2 PHPR 4410 Profess. Pract. Develop I 3 PHPR 4820 Drug Therapy I 3 Second Semester PHCL 4720 Pharmacology IV 3 PHPR 4420 Profess. Pract. Develop II 3 PHPR 4520 Healthcare Administration 3 PHPR 4830 Drug Therapy II 3

Fifth Year

First Semester PHPR 4940 Experiential Rotation I 4 PHPR 4940 Experiential Rotation II 4 PHPR 4940 Experiential Rotation III 4 PHPR 4940 Experiential Rotation IV 4 PHPR 4870 Adv. Prin. of Patient Care 1 or Professional Electives 13 Second Semester Professional Electives 13 or PHPR 4940 Experiential Rotation I 4 PHPR 4940 Experiential Rotation II 4 PHPR 4940 Experiential Rotation III 4 PHPR 4940 Experiential Rotation IV 4 PHPR 4870 Adv. Prin. of Patient Care 1 *Professional Electives are taught in the College of Pharmacy

Core/Humanities and Social Sciences Requirements:

ENGL 1110 3 ENGL 1130, 1140, 1170, 1180, 1190, 1210, 1220 or 1230 3 ECON 1200 3 Select one (1) from the following: PSY 1010 3 SOC 1010 3 Note: The student is responsible for the correct selection of the program of study each semester and for the fulfillment of the requirements given here. Although advisers will assist wherever possible, the final responsibility rests with the student.

Tocomplete the total number of hours required for the baccalaureate degree, Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, a student may freely choose freely with the following exceptions. Remedial courses may not be used. Furthermore, students may not apply more than a total of two credit hours from the following areas: studio art courses (ART), music courses with performing groups (MUS), exercise science and physical education courses (PED) and recreation and leisure studies (RED).

The College of Pharmacy reserves the right to change its policies and procedures at any time. These changes will be binding on the date they are approved by faculty action. Courses taken at other Colleges of Pharmacy will not substitute for professional division courses.

A student will only be permitted to take Pharmacy Practice 1000, Pharmacy Practice 2010, and Pharmacology 2600 and 2620 in the College of Pharmacy until admitted to the Professional or the Upper Division. Only students admitted to the professional or upper division will be allowed to take 3000 or 4000 level courses in the college.

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