2001 - 2002 Catalog Archive

The University of Toledo Officers of the General Administration

Office of the President
William R. Decatur, Interim President

Office of the Provost
William Free, Ph.D.  Interim Provost and Vice President for Undergraduate and Graduate Education
William Bischoff, Ph.D.  Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Frank Calzonetti, Ph.D.  Vice Provost for Research
Richard Hudson, Ph.D. Interim Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School
Earl Murry, Ph.D.  Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Office of Administrative Services
Sandra Drabik, J.D.  Vice President for Administrative Services

Division of Enrollment Management
Richard Eastop, M.Ed.  Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management

Finance and Business Services
William Decatur, J.D. Vice President for Finance and Business Services

Division of Student Services
Calvin Lawshe, M.B.A. Interim Vice President for Student Services

Educational and Information Technology
David Lindsley, Ph.D.  Vice President for Educational and Information Technology

Institutional Advancement
Greg Bobonich  Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Ricky Walker, M.A. Assistant to the President and Director of Affirmative Action
Joseph Brennan, Ph.D. Executive Director of Public Relations

Academic Deans
David Stern, Ph.D. Dean of Arts and Sciences
Sonny S. Ariss, Ph.D. Interim Dean of Business Administration
Charlene Czerniak, Ph.D. Interim Dean of Education and Allied Professions
Nagi G. Naganathan, Ph.D. Interimn Dean of Engineering
Jerome M. Sullivan, M.S., R.R.T. Dean of Health and Human Services
Phillip Closius, J.D. Dean of Law
Johnnie Early, Ph.D. Dean of Pharmacy
Mary Jo Waldock, M.B.A. Interim Dean of University College
Laurene Zaporozhetz, Ph.D. Dean of University Libraries

Board of Trustees

Mr. James M. Tuschman, Chairman
Mr. Daniel J. Brennan, Vice Chairman
Ms. Rhonda L. Brooks
Ms. Joan Uhl Browne
Mr. John A. Cooke, Student Trustee
Mr. Lavelle D. Edmondson, Student Trustee
Mr. Ronald R. Langenderfer
Judge Richard B. McQuade Jr.
Mr. Robert C. Redmond
Mr. Richard B. Stansley, Jr.
Mr. Hernan A. Vasquez
Mrs. Joyce Gregory, Executive Secretary
Office: 419/530-2814

Trustees first were appointed by the Governor of Ohio when The University of Toledo became a state university effective July 1, 1967.

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