Academic Test Center


Testing CenterQ: How soon after receiving my orange scheduling permit may I call to schedule my exam?

A: As soon as you receive your scheduling permit you may schedule your exam.

Q: May I change the date of my appointment?

A: You must make your change request by noon EST at least five business days before your appointment. Leaving a message on voice mail or e-mail does not satisfy the requirement to provide advance notice. Changing your appointment in less than 5 business days will result in an additional fee.

Q: What should I do if I move or change my name?

A: The National Board requires an Address Change or Name Change Authorization Form. Both forms are available on the NBME web site.

KitchenQ: Is there a cafeteria available, or should I pack my lunch?

A: There is no cafeteria in our building however there are drink and snack vending machines on the lower level. We suggest bringing a lunch as our center is equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave for your use.

Q: What materials should I bring with me to my exam?

A: Test takers must bring their orange testing permit and an unexpired drivers license or passport.

Q: How early should I arrive for the exam?

A: Arrival time is 7:00 am.

LockersQ: What should I do with my personal belongings (i.e. backpack, purse, cell phones and pagers)?

A: All personal belongings will be locked in a locker. Cell phones and pagers must be turned off and locked up as well.

Q: Am I able to leave early if I finish the exam before the scheduled time?

A: Yes after Test takers receive documentation of completion.

Q: Do I have to pay for parking?

A: Parking is free. We suggest parking in Lot #43 which is located in front of our building. (see campus map)
Last Updated: 6/30/19