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Arbor Valley Academy - American Language Institute Linkage Program

Program Introduction

The AVA-ALI Linkage program builds a pathway for international students to earn an American high school diploma and required language proficiency for bachelor degree programs offered by American universities and colleges. The program is a collaboration between Arbor Valley Academy, a private high school in Michigan, and American Language Institute, the Intensive English Program at The University of Toledo in Ohio.


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Curriculum Provider

Intensive English Curriculum to Meet College Language Requirement

  • Founded in 1977, the American Language Institute at The University of Toledo is accredited by the top national accreditation institutes for English programs in North America (CEA, English USA, and UCIEP). 
  • ALI provides standardized curriculum in alignment with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and Global Scale of English (GSE).
  • The AVA-ALI English training is structured into 5 levels, progressively immersing students into the authentic English learning environment and equipping them with academic and communication skills for future college success.
  • Successful completion of Level 5 in the AVA-ALI English course will grant students satisfaction of the English Language Arts (ELA) or high school diploma and proficiency requirement for college entrance.

Subject Area Curriculum to Earn an American High School Diploma 

  • Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Arbor Valley Academy is fully accredited by College Board as a private high school.
  • AVA offers more than 60 high school courses, including core subjects such as Mathematics, Sciences, Language, and History, Advanced Placement® courses, a wide variety of elective courses, and five languages.
  • The online course delivery system gives you any time, any place access to assignments, online materials, and communication from instructors. Students can take self-paced courses with access to teacher support to ensure a rewarding online high school experience.
  • The world-class curriculum includes online lessons that feature the latest in multimedia learning:
    • Online activities and tutorials
    • Virtual labs
    • Interactive graphics
    • Interesting concepts and real world connections keep students engaged
  •  Arbor Valley takes students’ safety and privacy seriously. We take great pride in ensuring that our interactive and effective online learning environment is also a safe one.

Example Study Plan

(Customized based on student’s transferrable credits from a foreign high school)

Total expected length to complete the diploma: 10-12 months

Course Title

Course Objectives

The goal of each course below is to…

Expected length of study

AVA-ALI English Level 2

Help students further develop their English skills. They will become more proficient speakers and writers of English through learning more complex grammatical structures, practicing communication with native speakers, and composing academic writings using the standard structure and writing process.

6-8 weeks

AVA-ALI English Level 3

Continue helping student develop the accuracy of their language use. Students will expand their English skills by using more complex grammatical structure, reading more authentic English texts, becoming more proficient at listening, and demonstrating appropriate use of everyday and academic English.

6-8 weeks

AVA-ALI English Level 4

Help students learn the academic skills they need to succeed in undergraduate classes. They will enhance their language proficiency by listening to authentic English speeches or lectures, expanding their scope of academic vocabulary, engaging in small group and panel discussion on subject topics, and becoming further familiar with classroom and campus culture in American universities.

6-8 weeks

AVA-ALI English Level 5

Provide students with the advanced speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammatical, and critical thinking skills that they need to succeed in undergraduate and graduate classes at a U.S. university. They will continue learning various skills to comprehend, interpret, and evaluate structured academic and non-academic readings. They will be trained to write short yet well-organized and coherent research papers with clear theses.

6-8 weeks


Advanced Mathematics

Synthesizes mathematical knowledge from the areas of: statistics and data, algebraic studies of functions, integer properties, triangle trigonometry, logarithms, and real-life applications of mathematical knowledge. As they synthesize what they have learned about a variety of function families, students appreciate the usefulness and relevance of mathematics in the real world.

4-6 weeks


Mathematical Model with Applications

Using mathematical knowledge acquired in Algebra I, students will use math to model real-world problems and experiences in the area of finance. Financial topics include growth, smart money, saving, and installment-loan models.

4-6 weeks


Two Additional Elective Courses

Students can choose 2 additional courses from over 50 elective courses offered by AVA, including some college credit bearing AP course.  For the full course catalog, please visit the AVA Full Course Catalog.

8-12 weeks


Program Fees

Program fees for ALI's online self-paced intensive English program for both Ohio residents and non-Ohio residents.

Level/Course Title

Tuition per Level

Online-ALI English Level 1 Foundation


Online -ALI English Level 2 Basic


Online -ALI English Level 3 Low Intermediate


Online -ALI English Level 4 High Intermediate


Online -ALI English Level 5 Low Advanced




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