Center for International Studies and Programs

How to register for classes

Check out this tutorial video on how to register for classes.

Here are step-by-step instructions:

1. Login to your UToledo student account.  

2. Under the STUDENT Tab, look on the left hand side of the screen under My ToolKit.  You will see “My Registration Steps." Find and click on Register/Drop/Withdraw Courses.

3. Under the Registration tab click on Register, Drop, Withdraw.

4. Select the correct term.

5. Under Enter CRNs, (Course Reference Number), add the required class CRN code for each class that were provided to you in the email. Adding one at a time, add the additional CRNs as needed.  Pease note that a full-time student will register using four (4) different CRN numbers.

6. After you have entered all of the CRN numbers  for your classes, click on Add to Summary.

7. After you add all CRN numbers to the summary, you will see your list of classes located in the bottom right corner, and next to them it will say “pending."  At this time please check to see that all the classes you are required to take are there, and then click Submit.

8. Please Review: Once you click submit, you will then see the list of classes has changed from "Pending" to “Registered” and they will be highlighted in green, confirming that you are now registered. On the left side you will also see a calendar with your week at a glance. You are now registered for your classes.  Congratulations!

Last Updated: 5/11/23