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Permanent Residency (Green Card)

In limited instances, the University of Toledo will sponsor current employees for a permanent working visa commonly called a Green Card.  The pursuit of PR status must be sponsored by the dean of the college, and the college is responsible for paying all associated fees ($5,00 - $7,000).

Individuals may obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in several ways: employment-based petition, family sponsored petition, marriage to a U.S. Citizen, Asylum, Diversity Visa Lottery (see Electronic Diversity Visa Program and DV Program visa program instructions), and certain self-petitions [which are commonly EB-1B Extraordinarily Ability, or self-petitioned National Interest Waiver (NIW)].

Assigned Counsel

For every employer-sponsored position, the University of Toledo must use only attorneys appointed by the Ohio Attorney General. No department or employee may use a private attorney for employer-sponsored Green Card petitions. (Note: Self-petitions do not have these restrictions). Departments and Colleges are urged to discuss how this works with OISSS and the differences between employer sponsorship and self-petitions.

Note: Generally an applicant must be currently on an H-1B visa through UT AND must be able to maintain status during the application period. There are no guarantees of PR sponsorship by UT upon offer of employment and no guarantees of PR applicant success.

In order to start the UT-sponsored green card process, please complete the Permanent Residence (Green Card) Request Form.

Employment-Based Permanent Resident Preference Categories

There are several preference categories in the employment-based permanent residency process:

    1. EB-1: (first preference) Individuals of Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professors or Researchers, Multinational Executives and Managers
    2. EB-2: (second preference) Members of the Professions Holding an Advanced Degree, Individuals of Exceptional Ability, National Interest Waiver 
    3. EB-3: (third preference) Skilled Workers, Professionals, Other Workers

University-Sponsored Preference Categories

There are several employment-based preference categories that UT will consider: EB-1B Outstanding Professor or Research Category, if the employee meets the requirements and is recognized internationally as outstanding; EB-2, Members of the Professions holding an Advanced Degree, Individuals of Exceptional Ability; or EB-3, Skilled Workers, Professionals, Other Workers. 

The position sponsored for permanent residency must be Full-time and Permanent. 

The University’s attorney upon Departmental request will review the prospective employee’s qualifications and make recommendations regarding whether other “green card” filings exist.  Although the Labor Certification process is the most common filing, for some individuals there may exist other options.  It is important to discuss what eligibility may exist for employer-sponsored applications as well as potential self-petitions. Please contact OISSS with questions.

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Green Card Request Form and Agreement

Last Updated: 6/21/22