Office of International Student & Scholar Services

TN Status

TN (TRADE NAFTA) refers to North American Free Trade Agreement for Canadian and Mexican citizens. This agreement allows a prospective employee to work for the University on a temporary basis. Admission can be granted in three (3) year increments. Generally, there is not a finite time for TN status as it may be renewed each year as long as the Beneficiary’s intent remains temporary.

Although a U.S. employer may sponsor the petition, currently the University does not file employer sponsored petitions for prospective TN employees. OISSS does not provide advice in obtaining this status. Any College or Department that hires an Employee with TN status should communicate with their employee about their responsibility to renew the application timely to avoid potential gaps in employment.

The foreign national employee is responsible for obtaining and maintaining their TN status and also for providing the University with the proper documentation for work authority.

The hiring College or Department should be aware of the employee’s expiration date and is responsible for ensuring valid work authorization and timely completion of the I-9 upon any new or extension application.

For More information on TN (Trade NAFTA) please refer to USCIS's information for TN NAFTA Professionals and NAFSA's Adviser Manual for NAFTA Regulations.

Last Updated: 6/21/22