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Program Introduction

An increasing number of international institutes have started to realize the importance of internationalizing their campuses; to achieve this, one requirement is that faculty members in a post-secondary setting will need to have a study abroad experience to be promoted.

Program Goal

J-1 Scholars mingling

The International Visiting Scholar Academy (IVSA) program is developed to serve international scholars who are interested in coming to The University of Toledo to participate in a specialty program that consist of a series of professional development workshops, seminars and cultural immersion activities for their continuous improvement in teaching, research, and services related to their fields of study. This program also increases UToledo cross-cultural scholarly activities and communications.

Target Audience

In this program, visiting scholars (J-1 research category visa holders) may be current faculty in post-secondary settings, researchers, and post-doctoral students seeking faculty positions in post-secondary settings.

Program Time and Length

The program starts every January and August and lasts for 6 months or 12 months.

Application and Fees

For information about applying and program fees, contact Xinren.Yu@UToledo.

Program Structureengineer working on equipment

1. Research Collaboration 

Invited visiting scholars will be paired up with UToledo faculty members whose research focuses are aligned with the visiting scholars’ interests of research collaboration. Assigned faculty members will arrangement academic activities to facilitate the collaborated research projects.

2. Academic Enrichment 

CISP will partner with various UToledo stakeholders to offer the academic enrichment sessions. Partners will be compensated. The workshops take place during the academic calendar starting in September for fall semester and in January for spring semester.

  • Workshop 1: Introduction and Program Overview/Immigration Clearance
  • Workshop 2: U.S. Education System and Classroom Culture
  • Workshop 3: Curriculum and Instructions and Teaching a College Engineering Course
  • Workshop 4: Assessment of Student Learning
  • Workshop 5: Scholar--Leadership and Professional Development
  • Workshop 6: Writing Research Papers in English: Format and Procedures of Publication
  • Workshop 7: Research and Innovations
  • Workshop 8: Online Teaching and Course Design

3. Cultural Immersion 

  • ISA and flag at homecoming

    Thanksgiving Dinner 
  • Outlet Mall Shopping Trip 
  • U.S. Football Experience 
  • I-Village 
  • Ford Museum 
  • International Auto Show 
  • Ski Trip 
  • International Festival 
  • I-Dinner 
  • U.S. Basketball Experience 

4. Electives Seminars*

Examples of engineering seminars:

  • Wide Bandgap Semiconductors and Adaptive Control: Game Changers for Next Generation Power Electronics.
  • Optimization of Power Electronics for Wide Band-Gap Semiconductors: Opportunities and Challenges.
  • The New Measurement Approaches in RF Nano Electronics, Near Field Scanning Microwave Microscopy (NSMM)
  • Gallium Based Semiconductors for Power Electronics: Materials to Applications and Back.
  • 3D Printing for Validation of Multidisciplinary Design, Analysis, and Optimization (MDAO)
  • Effective Visual Communications in Engineering

*Schedule and availability are determined by the department.


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