Environmental Health and Radiation Safety

What to do in the event of a GAS LEAK / ODOR

In the event of an odor of natural gas: 

  • If you are on campus, contact UT police at 419-530-2600. If you are off campus, call 9-1-1. Give your name, the location of the odor, etc.
  • Warn others in the immediate area.
  • Vacate and secure area. Post a "DO NOT ENTER" sign on the door to the room.
  • Evacuate the building, if required and move at least 300 feet away from the suspected source of the gas leak (use the building fire alarm system, only if instructed to do so).
  • Meet with and assist emergency response personnel.
  • Prevent sources of ignition (cigarettes, electrical equipment, etc.)
  • Do not re-enter building or outside area until cleared by authorized personnel.







Last Updated: 6/27/22